Mens hairstyles for summer - looking for a new hairstyle? Check out men hairstyles just as clipper cuts, retro inspired hairstyles and medium style for your new look.

You don't have to stick to boring haircut if you would like some drama in your life. Whether you decide to let those strands grow or say goodbye to them, the chic men hairstyles for summer 2009 will help you in making the best choice.

Clipper cuts
Short hairstyles seem to be the most popular haircuts for men. Clipper cuts are chic and practical at the same time.

The hair is cut around the sides leaving top layers longer, providing some options for creating messy or more groomed hairstyles.

Styling your hair becomes a piece of cake if you have some styling products - pick up some product with fingers and rub it into your hair.

clipper cut hairstyleclipper cut hairstyle

Your hair will look hot even after stepping out of the pool, if having an extra-short cut, you might glimpse at these photos for some inspiration.

Retro inspired hairstyles
Retro inspired haircuts are also very popular, whether you like it or not, the old.

If you feel brave enough to adopt a brand new look, you might take a peek at these hairstyles for an up-to-date, still classy appearance.

vintage hairstylevintage hairstyle

Create stunning combos matching these hairdos with breath-taking classy outfits. Invoke the glamorous past with the help of these haircuts and styling tricks.

Mid-length hairstyles
Those who feel their strands close to their heart should keep them. Medium length hairstyles are ultra-popular this season especially due to their popularity among celebrities as Zac Efron, Joe Jonas and Johnny Depp.

These messy hairstyles seem to adopt to the modern craze of rock'n'roll spirit. Brushed back or swept to the side, try to play it up for different occasions.

bang hairstylebang hairstyle