Kris Jenner gets a lot of attention for her short haircuts. Find out how to get the Kris Jenner haircut and try a few makeup tips from the Kardashian matriarch.

Sporting different variations of a choppy bob, Kris Jenner always keeps her haircuts age appropriate and extremely flattering. The 57 year old mother of six, always keeps her dark thick hair short, trying every look from the pixie cut to the shaggy crop with full bangs.

Kim Kardashian's mother has been sporting her hair at the same length for a long time, because if it works, why try and fix it? "I love my short hair and like it to be really fresh and clean", said Kris Jenner, explaining her preference for shorter cuts.

Kris Jenner's Haircut

While her haircut is sometimes shaggy, sometimes gently layered and texturized, Kris Jenner is a bit fan of bangs, but doesn't always wear them in the most flattering ways.

Heavy bangs with a lot of volume on top have popped up regularly amongst Kris Jenner's hairstyles, but wispy side-swept bangs work much better for her face, according to her experienced stylists.

Kris Jenner Haircuts - Great Short Hair for Women over 50 Kris Jenner Haircuts - Great Short Hair for Women over 50 Kris Jenner Haircut Back View Kris Jenner Haircuts Side View

Kris Jenner's Hairstyle

Most of Kris Jenner's hairstyles generally stick to the same lines, that flatter her face most of the time and keep the Kardashian matriarch looking young and sophisticated.

Whether the 57 year old is sporting a layered razor cut or a side parted straight cut, her style is often reminiscent of a bob. The short choppy layered look flatters her oval face perfectly and while some people call it a boy cut, Kris Jenner's style is a great haircut for women over 50 who want to stay stylish without too much daily maintenance.

Kris Jenner Makeup Tips

Hair is very important to Kris Jenner, but makeup is equally important for her style, so most Kris Jenner's haircuts are perfectly balanced with her favorite makeup style.

"I'm a fan of the smoky eye. It's become my signature style. It's less intense during the day but at night I go all out and play up the smoky look. I'm not a fan of colour for my eyes; I love blacks, greys and nudes and then I play this up with a black eyeliner. For me, it's important that the eyes and the lips never clash so I always team smoky eyes with nude lips. I also focus on accentuating my eyebrows as they frame your eyes and your face", she told Gulf News.

Trying different Kris Jenner hairstyles is easy if you have the right face shape and a good stylist, but if you want similar makeup to the Kardashian mother, make sure you have the right tools.

"It's really important for all women to own the right beauty tools: a great set of brushes can make all the difference. You have to start with a foundation and then build on it", added Kris Jenner.

Kris Jenner Haircuts - Great Short Hair for Women over 50 Kris Jenner Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

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