Whether you have a trendy pixie, a sexy inverted bob or a short sedu hairstyle, you have to put in some effort in order to make it look perfect. Lately, short hairstyles are extremely in vogue. You can spot numerous Hollywood celebrities wearing these fashionable haircuts and they are highly popular with average people as well.

Besides the fact that short hairstyles are extremely flattering for your features, they also highlight your wonderful neck, providing you with an extremely feminine, alluring look. Although washing and styling your short hair requires less time than with a long haircut, you still have to know how to maintain your hair in order to look trendy and hot. Check out our simple tips and learn how to take care of your hair every day.

Wash your hair with shampoo, and then apply conditioner to keep it shiny and flexible and to detangle it easier. Avoid over washing your hair, since it cleans off the natural moisturizing oils from your scalp, leaving your hair with a dull look.

After washing your hair, every two or three days apply a volumising mousse or another volumising hair care product that works well for your hair type in order to give body and texture to your tresses. If your hair is thick and short, you can apply the mousse to the roots and blow-dry or air-dry your hair. This is a great technique to make your short hairstyle look fabulous all day long.

Generally, frizz is a lot more visible with short hair. If you want to tame frizzy hair or control your curly locks, the best choice is to use glossy anti-frizz serums and products that create a shiny effect. Opting for a longer hairstyle can diminish the problem caused by frizzy hair. Chic bobs and trendy pixies can easily be styled every day in order to get rid of frizz and create a wonderful, sleek hair.

When you are styling your hair with hair straighteners, hot rollers or curling irons, make sure you provide your hair with adequate protection. Apply a heat protection product right before using these hair styling tools in order to avoid hair damages and breakage.

If you want to maintain the beautiful aspect of your short haircut, pay attention to shop for the right brush. A natural wooden brush with long bristles is an excellent choice to tame your thin hair, while wooden brushes with short bristles work great for shorter, coarse hair.

If you want to enjoy your new short hairstyle for a long time, make sure you get regular haircuts and touch-ups. This way you can maintain the layers and the fabulous style for your hair.

Having a funky short haircut, you can use different styling products in order to arrange your locks more easily to make your hairstyle last all day long. Experiment with colors or highlights that match your face and select clothes and makeup that work great with your exciting new hairstyle. Accentuate your feminine features by showing off your wonderful neck and enjoy the admiring glances your gorgeous new haircut attracts.