When you’re growing out your pixie cut, the mid-stage might be a little insufferable, especially when you feel like your styling options are limited. Use a few expert tips to go through this transitional phase a lot smoother.

How to Grow Out Your Pixie Cut Fast

The trendy pixie cut is really a statement you make, showing the whole world you can be sexy in any style you choose. Once you’re bored, you start fantasizing about having longer locks, that gently touch your shoulders and back and you can style it in so many ways.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can actually help your pixie haircut grow faster, 100% naturally. Growing out a pixie cut with a regular scalp massage is one option. This trick works, because you’re rushing blood to the hair follicles and you help your locks grow faster and stronger, by giving them more oxygen and nutrients. Try using olive oil or argan oil for the massage, you will also make your hair stronger and shinier!

Emma Watson Grown Pixie LookAnne Hathaway Grown PixieHalle Berry Grown Pixie LookEmma Watson Grown Pixie

Want more growing out a pixie cut tips? Prenatal vitamins and biotin vitamins both work well for hair growth, but only if you drink a lot of water! Hydration is very important for fast hair growth and overall well being, of course.

You can also apply egg whites on your hair, before washing, as a regular mask. The proteins help the hair grow faster. Also, it is really important not to wash your hair every day, you need the natural scalp moisture for longer locks, obtained faster.

Hairstyles for Growing Out a Pixie Cut

The despair starts growing as soon as the pixie cut loses its perfect shape, looking more and more sloppy. Even if you do try the above growing out pixie cut tips, you might lose your patience when you have to give your hair a decent look while waiting.

All you have to do is try the best hairstyles for growing out pixie cut, that stars like Lena Dunham or Michelle Williams are styling right now, as they are currently also growing out their pixie cuts. You will want to leave your hair grow toward a bob, but make sure it doesn’t look unkempt. Let the back length grow out, but cut it so that the front section of hair can catch up.

Lena Dunham Grown PixieLena Dunham Grown Pixie LookMichelle Williams Grown PixieMichelle Williams Grown Pixie Look

Another great option for the most inspiring hairstyles for growing out pixie cut is to wear headbands, especially on those awkward days, when your hair shows off its rebel, undecided spirit. Don’t be afraid to style it with nice hair accessories, like bobby pins or barrettes as they are very feminine and look great on any short-to-mid cut.

Don’t forget to visit the salon and ask your stylist to sculpt your growing locks, so they efficiently become a great bob haircut, as soon as possible.

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