The holiday season comes with beautiful moments and surprises, but also with the inevitable dilemma of what hairstyle to make. This is the it-question of the moment. Of course, along with what dress to take, what shoes, and a series of fashion and beauty related issues.

Despite the idea that only long hair can look sexy and elegant, one should be aware of the fact that short hairstyles can also look extremely hot. You just have to learn a few basic tips and turn yourself into a fabulous party diva. Take a look to these holiday hairstyles for short hair and draw your inspiration.

Very short hair in a more masculine approach is so sexy as it reveals the neck in a unique, special way. If you have an androgynous short hairstyle don’t be afraid to show it off! Wear it with confidence and match it to feminine outfit. There are so many different styles where to choose from. If your hair is shorter at the nape of the neck and on the sides, and you have slightly longer bangs, you can first try the natural, tousled version, especially if you are going to spend New Year’s Eve with your friends to a party. Moreover, another variant is the rock’n’roll one.

There are two must-have hairstyles: the bowl cut and the short bob. These are very versatile haircuts that allow you to make instant updates. From the smooth, straight style to a messy one, you have a myriad of variants. If you prefer something more glamorous, choose the wavy style.

Take a thin-barreled curling iron and make sexy waves or curls for a romantic look. The shorter version of the bowl cut flatters thin, soft hair, brings out your eyes and it flatters oval and triangular face shapes. Keep it as simple as possible and match it to a classic, timeless little black dress.

A ’60s pixie haircut looks stunning and extremely sophisticated. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for both formal events that require something more severe, but also for a playful, fun party among friends. Therefore, whether you wear it with a sexy, feminine dress, or with a pair of skinny jeans and a chic top, you can still turn eyes. Keep it as simple and flirty as possible with a side parting, slicked on the sides and a little bit messy at the crown of the head.

If this rather polished look is not for you, try to bring your pixie to life by going for the messier version. Really easy to make this type of hairstyle was so often seen on the red carpet. You’ll be ready in an instant with just a few touches of strong-hold wax! The only thing you have to do is to find the right party dress. The best thing about the tousled pixie is its fun and flirty feeling which makes it so flattering and rejuvenating. You can also add a more festive touch to your pixie taking your hair towards the front with bangs slightly on one side.

Even though it is hard to believe it, short hairstyles are the chic option for every girl who wants to make a fashion statement. Moreover, if sexy shorties are accompanied by a platinum or strawberry blonde, the irresistible effect it complete. Besides, if your hair is brown or black, get ready to shock everyone with your mysterious look. You can glamourize your short haircut with a side parting and a matte texture. If you want something more retro and elegant, go for the wavy version. You can also add a special hair accessory, such as a fine tiara or a hair comb.

If normally you like wearing your short hair more tousled, for the holiday season you can surprise everyone by slicking it down using hair wax or gel. Start by applying some hair gel on damp hair and using a comb make a side parting and take the hair on the back. Don’t blow dry it! This is the perfect drama look for bold, courageous girls. If you want to soften the masculine look and feminize it a bit, choose a sequined original headband or hairband.