Before going short, make sure you consult your fave hairdresser. Choose a crop that flatters your features and helps you sport a versatile and modern look. Preserve the flawless condition of your tresses with the best hair styling and conditioning products from the market.

Know more about your options and skim through these gorgeous short hair styles for 2012. Opt for a strong cut if you’re not afraid of flaunting your edgy attitude towards hair sculpting. On the other hand, if you were always impressed by classy hair designs, go for a classy and ageless hair style as the soft layered bob.

Short Layered Hairstyleby Kate RawnsleyShort Layered Hairstyleby Carole HaddadShort Layered Hairstyleby Jay MahmoodShort Layered Hairstyleby Kate Rawnsley

The most impressive pixie haircuts come in a large variety. Define the length of your locks by keeping in mind your purpose with this style transformation. Ear-length micro-crops can look simply stunning if you have the right attitude to bring out the most of this dimension. On the other hand, you can go super-short with a close-cropped hairdo that exposes more of your unique features. Depending on your preferences, pick a cut that grants you with an immediate confidence boost. Keep wax and texturising clay at hand to make sure you have the necessary tools to vamp up your crop.

Short Bob Hairstyleby Martin CreanShort Bob Hairstyleby Carole HaddadShort Bob Hairstyleby Sophie LomasShort Bob Hairstyleby Heading Out

Add a polished vibe to your look with a show-stopping short bob haircut. Draw some inspiration from these scene-stealing hair designs that suit all face shapes. Sculpt your locks according to your mood and styling skills. Super-sleek bob hairstyles can inject old time glamor into your tresses, whereas mussed-up micro-cuts are perfect to embrace an edgy and alternative look. Wear your tresses with plenty of attitude and make sure you flaunt your style-awareness with versatile ‘dos.

Short Hair Styleby Tom and AnnsShort Layered Hairstyleby Trina Grebstad RasmussenShort Layered Hairstyleby Peter ProsserShort Layered Hairstyleby Szenhaario