The myth related to the short crops lacking any creativity was finally busted and more and more people are eager to try their hand at these versatile and smashing styles that offer us the chance to play with the newest hair styling and sculpting techniques.

The key to sport a worth-of-copycatting short haircut is to take a glimpse at the latest tendencies that rule this field and spot the do that best suits our face shape as well as our personality. These are all determining factors when it comes to our quick, still dramatic makeover. Take advantage of the privileges the multitude of haircuts grant you with and be a real hair style chameleon by wearing unique and brand new looks each time you leave the house. These gorgeous short hair styles are the best solution to tame your craves for a change in your appearances with guaranteed and long-term success.

The Gamine

There’s no need to adopt the tousled and more punked-up style if you are devoted to the muted and more feminine looks. In this case keep your tresses soft and silky and choose a more classy and dapper do by preserving the smooth and sleek texture of your hair. Indeed, leaving the strands longer in the front section would allow you to sport a more mysterious and dainty hair style by sweeping the bangs to the side. Covering a larger proportion of your forehead and also face is indeed the extra glam factor that perks up your plain short crop. Define the desired length as well as the tiniest details of your do and ask a pro hair stylist to get you into the groove of these stylish and cutting edge hair styles.

The Undercut

Looking for more drama and a ‘va-va-voom’ effect? Then the undercut is certainly the answer for all your wishes. These 2 in 1 haircuts indeed rule the hair styling business with their strong reputation of attracting immediate attention and revolutionizing the feminine crops. Boost the volume of your longer strands and create the desired and fab contrast between the trimmed sections and the more prominent length. Pair your undercut with a stylish Pixie or short Bob in order to achieve the desired visual effect. Keep your strands sleek or texturized using the various hair styling products and tools if necessary. Cheer up your locks if you long for texture and a more alternative hairdo, in this case wax and the various texturizing pastes are your best friends to achieve your goal.

The Close-Cropped Do

These cool elfin haircuts made their way up to the leading position of most sought-after hair styles this season. Thanks to the classy structure as well as to the face-framing quality these proved to be the best options in order to play up our feminine allure. The retro-inspired hair styles can be worn either in their textbook style version with the super-sleek locks or in a more groovy and cosmo manner with a mussed up vibe. Choose one of the earlier mentioned options or combine the two and adapt the fab hair styles to your face shape and personality. The length as well as the angles and lines all contribute to the overall look. Therefore, it is highly recommended to experiment with all these looks from the geometrical to the softened designs.