Trimming your locks doesn’t mean that you have to give up your aspiring hair stylist career. Experiment with the soft texture and refined silhouette of your hairstyle to envision innovative sculpting trends. The glossy short haircuts below illustrate how versatile this hair dimension really is. Different micro-crops allow you to play around with waves, curls and mussed-up texture, therefore, make sure you don’t shy away of a similar dramatic change in your appearance. Indeed, short locks scream for regular trimming.

Make a long term beauty commitment if you want to explore the ultra-modern and funky fresh visual impact a chic pixie or short bob can create. Go for a hairdo that stops either at your ears or chin, depending on your preferences. Define the ideal length according to your face shape and styling skills. Short hairstyles are much easier to style. Wear a low maintenance yet creative hair design during the spring months.

Short Hairstyle Ideaby YoshikoShort Hairstyle Ideaby YoshikoShort Hairstyle Ideaby Royston BlytheShort Hairstyle Ideaby Royston Blythe

Update your look with a voguish heavy or soft layered pixie cut! Whether you go for it to save energy and time with styling or you wish to see the positive impact of a micro-cut on your features, it is important to consider a few factors before making the cut. First, it is highly recommended to go for a length which offers you a few precious hair styling options. Don’t go super-short if you’re afraid of the radical change in your appearance and sculpting routine. Ultra-short Pixies are perfect for those who want to make a smashing statement. Rock the transition from long or midi hair to short tresses with one of these stylish pixie crops. Then, when you’re ready for an edgier move, try your hand at super-short locks.

Short Hairstyleby Westrow HairShort Hairstyleby Paul EdmondsShort Hairstyleby M&M SpaShort Hairstyleby Mack Hair

If you’re used to long and cascading locks, it may seem too extreme to chop off your locks. Before taking a plunge into your transformation, find out more about your hair style options. The salon-perfect Short bob cuts along with gorgeous undercut pixies presented below will definitely lure you into a top-to-toe beauty update. Do your research and ask the help of a professional stylist who knows which hair designs suit your face shape. Match the right length and structure also to your hair texture. If you have serious doubts about the outcome of your hair cutting session, look further and find the dream do which suits your personality.

Short Hairstyleby Marc AntoniShort Hairstyleby Francesco Group HairShort Hairstyleby Marc AntoniShort Hairstyleby Marc Antoni