You’re flirting with the idea of a stylish makeover? Then make sure you won’t overlook the endless benefits a glam short crop can offer you. Besides the less time spent in front of the mirror, you’ll be also able to highlight your best features. Find out more on the foxy short hair styles for 2011 below that can revolutionize your hair styling routine offering you fabulous options on how to keep your tresses in a spotless shape and condition.

Explore the impact of the different designs on your face shape and overall appearance. You’ll find here pixies, stylish bowl-cuts as well as layered styles that all managed to dominate the short hairstyles trends of the last decade. Draw some inspiration from this brief gallery and head to the salon when you feel ready for the next great step in the improvement of your look.

Perk up your wavy or super-sleek strands with an A-list haircut idea as the ones illustrated above. These expose a larger section of your face shifting the attention to your most alluring assets. Choose a close-cropped bowl-cut that appeals to the visual power of bangs to achieve a smashing impression. Sweep the locks to the side or keep them brushed into your face for a more mysterious and subtle effect.

Ask the advice of a professional hair stylist to help you narrow down the huge alternatives to change your look. Define your purpose whether it is to enhance your appearance with a flirty accessory or you would rather go for an edgy vibe, in all cases the decision depends on your personality and preferences.

Stylish Pixie hair styles complemented with cute bangs designs are also key options. Those who are not shy to sport cutting edge and alternative looks should definitely opt for the longer locks in the front section as these would allow them to explore the endless hair styling techniques and trends of the season. Use some high quality sculpting formulas and tools to keep the flawless condition of your hair as well as enhance the natural texture and gloss of the locks. If you are in shortage of inspiration, make sure you take a closer glimpse at these cool examples of foxy short hair styles that set you on the right track to achieve your makeover goals.

Layering will be one of the most smashing and universal techniques to enhance the beauty of short trimmed locks. Hair gurus will use scissors or hair styling razors to achieve a classy and muted or on the contrary edgy and bold effect of these stylish layered hair styles. Those who would like to rule out the chance of hair disasters should define the desired haircut beforehand. This is highly recommended as the measure of tapering as well as the length of the hair play an essential role on the final result. Use your creativity and hair styling knowledge to select the best do that matches your personality and attitude.