Your locks need some definition as well as an additional and radiating twist? Then you should not skip this stylish parade of Flirty Short hair styles that furnish you with the proper hair styling alternatives to sport the latest looks and stay versed with the speed of light evolution of hair styling industry. Call yourself a real pro and challenge your styling skills to a cool battle by making the cut and going short. Versatility is one of the best assets of these looks, however, you’ll find here also buzzwords as volume, movement and practical. They all define these sophisticated short crops. Have them among your top haircut options and polish them to perfection with the help of a pro hair stylist.

Short Pixies haircuts are A-list methods to get rid of the nasty split ends and they enhance your strands with movement and dimension. The glossy strands radiate style-consciousness as well as femininity. Those who decide to play up their sultry and dainty side should pair their hair texture and face shape with the ‘one’ flirty short haircut from the list. The gorgeous tresses will thank you for this magical favor by bringing out the best of your charisma and look.

Sport your strands tamed and swept to the side in a more 60s inspired style, in this case you’ll be able to pair the look to all formal events as weddings or cocktail parties. However, the red carpet is the best example to prove that tousled and purposely messed up styles can also dress up your appearance. Blind the public with your unique and fab haircut this summer and juggle with the various sections of your hair to create more versatile and brand new looks for the next season too.

Tapered Short Haircuts also serve as the best example that trimmed crops can be just as face shape flattering and sensual as the floor-sweeping locks. Mesmerizing dimension and movement as well as a luxe flair is added to the strands when the roots are spared from the extra-weight. Similar layered hair styles echo the classy and at the time revolutionary hair styling techniques of pro hair dressers who managed to discover a look that suits all hair types, be it curly or super-sleek.

In the past, these tapered short hair styles launched a real craze among those who were sick and tired of their moth-eaten look. The tradition went on and nowadays more and more decide to sport a tapered cut due to its luscious and texturized quality. Encourage root lift with the best blow drying techniques and hair styling products. This way you’ll play up the volume of your tresses. Look tress-tatic and try your hand at these tapered short haircuts at least once to claim your well-deserved success.

Are you fascinated by the asymmetrical and chopped haircuts? Then these examples will fuel you with the proper drive to start your makeover project and banish the monotony of your haircut. Choose from the Punkish and more out-of-the-ordinary looks if you are a fan of alternative looks or stay at the safest solution to master the transition from medium to short hair and go for the classy layered Bob haircut. The inverted structure makes a real impression when paired with straight hair, therefore use your flat iron to polish the look and have silky smooth and shiny tresses.