Combat monotony with a brand new hairstyle that radiates confidence and style-consciousness. Leave aside your fear from dramatic changes and head to the beauty salon for a smashing short crop.

These easy to style short haircuts will provide you with the best motivation to make the cut. Ramp up your trimmed locks by using the newest sculpting products from the market. Quit sporting your tresses in boring designs and explore the visual power of fabulously sculpted locks.

Short Layered Hair Styleby Menschen im SalonShort Layered Hair Styleby Jean Louis DavidShort Layered Hair Styleby Marina AchteShort Layered Hair Styleby Paul Gehring

Whoever said you can’t go short if you have a round face shape hadn’t seen the hottest bob hairstyles. Blunt cuts can create a boxy and more geometrical effect. However, if you wish to add length and angles to your features, you should definitely opt for an asymmetrical crop. Layered haircuts provide you with an infinite array of hair styling options. Grab your fave wax or texturizer and tousle your strands for a relaxed and modern look. There’s only one rule you should keep in mind when sporting a hot short crop. Keep your hair in top condition as this dimension can reveal the damaged state of your tresses.

Short Layered Haircutby Oliver SchmidtShort Layered Haircutby Paul GehringShort Layered Haircutby Paul GehringShort Layered Haircutby I Sargassi

Let yourself be inspired and motivated by these professionally sculpted haircuts. Short hairstyles are perma-trends and provide you with the privilege of preserving the versatility of your look. The gorgeous pixie hairstyles presented below allow you to emphasize your unique sex-appeal. Expose more of your face if you are pleased with your skin condition and facial proportions. Stay true to your style ambitions and rock an uber-flattering hairdo for every event.

Short Layered Hairstyleby Paul GehringShort Layered Hairstyleby Tegan GealeShort Layered Hairstyleby CebadoShort Layered HairstyleWeb Collection