Quit sporting your locks in a boring way, instead devote more time to the quest for the best hair styling options that popped up on the market and are promoted by some of the most impressive and worth of copycatting celebs. If you think that a short crop might not require as much creativity as long locks, you’re wrong. In fact, all you have to do is let your imagination rule the sculpting project and enhance your tresses with volume and definition. The following cute ways to style short hair can upgrade your beauty skills and teach you how to use the latest hair styling products and tools to pull off some of the hottest short hair styles of the season.

Stylish Waves

If you wish to sport a more voluminous do, it is a must to master the use of hot rollers and curling irons. In the case of the stylish short wavy hair styles the key to success is indeed to use all the hair styling products that add some depth and support to the locks in order to ease the sculpting process.

Use these fab tools to create either loose and more romantic or tight waves that steal some of the length of your tresses creating a more bulky and catchy look. Depending on your preferences make sure to apply texturizing paste to your hair as the perfect base to complete a textbook style hair styling session. Finally, use your hands to run through the cute waves and set them in the desired shape.

Sleek and Classy

Those who fell in love with the sleek and classy hair styles that echo a more retro glam vibe will also have the opportunity to sport some of the most stylish dos. In this case hair parting is just as important if you wish to keep the look even more 50s or 60s chic. Use smoothing cream that keeps your locks sleek and smooth in order to pull off a similar do. This is indeed the ultimate solution to keep your tresses from locking flat.

Applying the product to damp hair rules out the chance of weighed down locks. Then define the desired hair part if you wish or comb your bangs into the face for a more glamorous look. If you wish to guarantee the long-lasting sleek and tamed effect of your hairdo, it is a must to use a flat iron and add some definition to your strands.

Tousled Short Hair

For a more rebellious and groovy appearance it is wise to try your hand at the tousled short hair styles. In this case apply mousse or texturizing paste to the wet locks and massage these into the strands. Use a blow dryer and no comb to create a similar mussed up effect. Use your hands to set the strands in the ideal place and make sure you complete the look with a little teasing if you feel like your tresses are a bit too thin and lifeless. Finally, you should play with the texture of your locks by emphasizing the hair ends with some styling gel. Use this hair styling option as one of the most popular and easiest ways to perk up your dull hair.

Quiff Hair Styles

Punk up your ordinary do and sport a similar quiff hair style which is one of the most beloved styling options among those who claim themselves ardent fans of glam Punk hairstyles and even Rockabilly hair dressing. In this case all you have to do is apply some styling gel or, for a stronger effect, some wax to your strands, then use the blow dryer and a round brush to add the desired shape to your hairdo. Leave the sides either naturally or make the locks super-sleek and tamed for a classy and polished style. Steal the looks from the stylish examples and make sure you adopt your own creative hair style design.