You can create volume and definition for your hair without having to make a bold move. Take full advantage of the versatility of short crops that allow you to experiment with an army of hair designs.

Check out our hot selection of the cutest short hair trends and make sure you choose the one that matches your criteria of a dream crop. Add interest to your mini-tresses using wax or texturizers. Don’t forget to complete your hair styling kit with a high class blow dryer.

Short Bob Hair Stylesby Sylvia ForsythShort Bob Hair Stylesby Sylvia ForsythShort Bob Hair Styleby Francesco GroupShort Bob Hair Styleby Melissa Jaqua

The short bob is still a great trend for the warm season. Discover the endless benefits of a similar hair length and feel free to try your hand at versatile hair sculpting alternatives. Layers, when positioned in the front, will provide your features with a well-defined frame. Play with the natural texture of your locks and sport your chic short crop super-sleek and classy or, on the contrary, disheveled and messy. Pick the right hairdo option depending on your mood and the event you’re preparing for. Short hair gives you free hand to play up your experimentalist and aspiring hair chameleon side.

Short Pixie Hair Styleby Sylvia ForsythShort Pixie Hair Styleby Lonnie FergusonShort Pixie Hair Styleby Rene AntonioShort Hair Styleby David Robin Munn

Remember, you only need a chic layered crop to stand out from the crowd. Flip through the hair inspirations below to see the unique ways you can wear your locks when opting for a chic pixie hairstyle. Use deep conditioning treatments to preserve the flawless condition of your locks. This way you’ll be able to make a real statement with healthy and radiant locks. Hair styling products are also important if you wish to spare yourself of flat hair days. Volumizers, wax and texturizing clay are only some of the must have formulas to consider when upgrading your hair sculpting kit.

Short Hair Styleby Jenna BaltesShort Hair Styleby Mattie Michelle Short Hair Styleby SchwarzkopfShort Hair Styleby Cristofer Chang