Choosing the perfect short hairstyle is not easy, so take a peek at the following cool short hairstyles selection and see if they suit your personality and style.

We live in a modern world where individuality and style matter most, and certain things which in the past were considered extreme are now hot trends. This is exactly what happened to short hairstyles as they are now extremely cool and popular hairstyles for girls as well.

There are a variety of cool short hairstyles for girls to choose from as the new hair cutting techniques developed allowed hairstylists to create gorgeous and powerful eye catching short hairstyles that suit women with a powerful personality. Short hairstyles look hot and offer women the style they need at a low maintenance level, but they are definitely not for everyone. Face shape and hair type play a determining role when it comes to short hairstyles as people have different face shapes and hair types. Women with an oval face shape benefit most from this type of hairstyle, but other face shapes can benefit from them as well.
Because choosing a short hairstyle is not easy we have selected some of the coolest and trendiest short hairstyles this year so you can get inspired:

Choppy layered short hairstyles
Choppy layered short hairstyles are fabulous short hairstyles which manage to stand out due to the cut of the hair. Choppy layers emphasize the hair's texture and create a certain messy yet fabulous look. The hair can easily be styled using a little bit of hair styling product applied on the ends to define the choppy layers. Hair color also plays an important role in the visibility of this type of hair layers, so a lighter hair color will emphasize the choppy cut of the tresses.
Women with feminine facial features can choose this type of haircut as the choppy layered cut will spice up their look.

choppy layered short hairstyles choppy short hairstyle

Asymmetrical short hairstyles
Asymmetrical short haircuts look fabulous due to the interesting cut performed. The hair is cut shorter on one side of the head and then gradually cut longer. This type of hairstyles look great with side swept bangs as they add a little bit of a twist to your look. There are a variety of asymmetrical short hairstyles to choose from and they all look fabulous. Try to select a style that suits your personality and facial features best as this way you will radiate beauty and style.

asymmetrical short hairstyle asymmetrical short haircut

Blunt cut edgy short hairstyles
The cut performed gives the hairstyle the desired effect and one of the most eye catching short hairstyles of all are the blunt cut short hairstyles. This type of hairstyles are actually semi-short as the hair has enough length to allow the hair to be blunt cut. Blunt cuts can create a very edgy look that will make your hairstyle stand out. Choose blunt cut straight across cut bangs and you will look great.

blunt cut blunt haircut

Be diverse with your hairstyles so you can avoid entering in a routine. This will upgrade your style and make you a source of inspiration for other women.