Take the next big step towards a brand new look with this brief parade of cool short hairstyle ideas. Banish the lifeless effect of your locks by embracing one of the hottest hair designs. Choose the most suitable length that suits your features and styling skills.

The A-list pixies and bob crops can do magic with your appearance especially if you’re not afraid to wear them in modern and versatile ways. Pull off the veil from your style ambitions and flash a cutting edge attitude towards modern day hairdressing. Find your way through the multitude of crops upgraded with an asymmetrical and more complex anatomy. Boost your mood with a groundbreaking makeover to enjoy the benefits of a super-polished hair style.

Short Close-Cropped Hair Styleby Andre FaivaSuper Short Hair Styleby Eveline CharlesShort Spiky Hair Styleby Coiff &CoShort Tousled Hair Styleby Wayne Hartley

Super-short hairstyles

Super-short hairstyles work beautifully with an oblong face shape. However, those who still want to experiment with a similar dimension in spite of having a round face shape will have the chance to do it with professional help. The tiniest details can play an essential role in the outcome of your re-style. Play with hair texture and bangs designs to pull off a dreamy look. The crop sported also by Emma Watson and other popular celebrities became one of the most sought-after designs from the industry. Wear your chic shortie in a texturized way using some wax or styling cream. Tousle your strands to make sure you bring out the most of your versatile hairstyle. On the other hand, the sleek version of super-short cuts can also look stunning especially if you use a tiny smoothing cream to preserve the silky texture of your locks.

Short Hair Styleby MG HairGlossy Short Hair Styleby Sisstars Short Curly Hair Styleby Lee Preston Short Glam Hair Styleby Loreal

Long bangs short hairstyles

Complete your uber-chic short crop with a stylish fringe. Pick out the design that flatters your features. Side-swept bangs look mesmerizing and will add some length to your face. Furthermore, the thinned out locks radiate subtle elegance and a modern vibe. These examples will provide you with a brilliant solution to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your dainty side. Long bangs are must try accessories for this season especially if you’re ready to team up your sparkling party wear with a lovely shortie.

Long Bangs Short Hair Styleby Saint AlgueShort Layered Hair Styleby IntermedeShort Layered Hair Styleby Saint AlgueShort Layered Hair Styleby Saint Algue