Some might think that cutesy short crops lack any versatility and are indeed practical still can’t rival the glam effect of long or midi strands. This is obviously wrong as the cool short glam hair styles below prove. Those who crave for a ‘look-at-me’ do should definitely include these hair styles in the repertoire of alternatives perfect both for semi-formal as well as other great events and even clubbing. In order to vamp up the volume and definition of your locks it is a must to learn the basic hair styling glossary and find out more on the revolutionary methods to keep your locks in their best shape and make the sculpting process real fun. Luxe tresses can be easily styled and shaped in order to flatter all face shapes and bring out the best of an apparently minimalist still hyper-chic look.

Enhance your cute short Bob with a funky flair offering you the privilege to sport a too-cool hair style. These hair styles thanks to their lenght as well as the refined angles and fine texture serve as the best ingredients to rock the short glam do trend. Break up the monotony of the blunt or layered do with additional details as twists, curls and braids. Use your creativity as well as the best hair styling products in order to refresh your locks and dress them up with a glittery glam shiny complexion as well as texture.

Volumize the strands with a tiny texturising paste and sculpt your locks in the desired shape.Bob hair styles indeed look spectacular even if left untouched in their classy shape. However those who are natural born style adventurers might be reluctant to hang onto one single look. In this case all you have to do is surround yourself with stylish curling or flat irons, a high quality blow dryer and the best hair styling product kit.

Long bangs also provide you with the best opportunity to play with the various sections and layers of your do. Indeed, the longer you leave these locks, the more options you’ll have to boost the volume as well as the ‘va-va-‘voom’ effect of your short crop. Forget about the simple swept-to-the-side look, instead get some volume and definition in the front layers and use a pro blow dryer to style the strands in the desired shape. Dare to be different with your smashing still glam hair style. Create a quiff or stick to the oh-so-fabulous curls if you wish to stay versed with the latest trends in short high class hair styles.

Pair the right do to your face shape, analyzing the main features and traits. Those who long for some lenght and angles should definitely consider the spiked or flipped bangs hairdo ideas. The best designs as these enhance the face with dimension and length. On the other hand, if you wish to hide your high forehead, make sure you stick to the sleek and soft styles with bangs swept to the side and kept perfectly tamed. Choose either of the options and have a glimpse at the looks above and below for the perfect blueprint.