Are you looking for a cool new short hairstyle to underline your fabulous facial features and style? If so, take a peek at the following selection and inspire yourself for your new stylish new look from the hottest short hairstyles selection!

Short hairstyles look absolutely stunning nowadays as hairstylists have developed new hair cutting techniques which allowed them to create new hairstyles which not only suit the modern times, but also have a much more stylish and powerful look.

Here's a variety of new cool short hairstyles ideas to inspire yourself, but keep in mind that the perfect short hairstyle is the hairstyle which not only suits the hair type, but the face shape, facial features and personality as well. If all these details are taken into consideration, your new stylish look will most definitely attract only positive attention.

Because short hairstyles reveal greatly the facial features and face shape, they do not suit everyone, so making sure your face shape will benefit from this type of cut is a must. Usually, women with oval face shapes and feminine facial features benefit from short crops as the benefits offered by short hairstyles match best these characteristics, so if you're looking for a new cool short hairstyle to inspire yourself from, take a peek at the following styles:

Undercut short hairstyles look absolutely amazing and they can give you an edgier look, but still a look which will not make you loose even a drop of your femininity. An undercut hairstyle features a shorter cut on one or both sides of the head, while the hair on top of the head receives a longer cut. This will allow you to be highly versatile with your tresses so you will be able to spike your hair up, wear the hair swept back, swept on one side or any other way which you might find suitable.
Undercut styles will attract a generous amount of attention, so choose this type of haircut if you are a confident woman who doesn't mind underlining her style and standing out of the crowd.

If you're not willing to cut your hair too short and wish however to maintain a relatively uniform hair length, you can opt for an asymmetrically cut “bowl style haircut” which looks fabulous if incorporated into sleek straight hair. Cut the hair gradually longer in front, creating an appearance of heavy cut side swept bangs.
This type of haircut is perfect for women who want a short and stylish haircut which has a certain retro twist. This asymmetric short crop works fabulous on women who have a sleek straight and thick hair texture.

Textured short crops are amazingly stylish and versatile as they allow your hair to receive the right amount of body. It seems that these types of short crops are suitable for fine as well as thick textured hair and the right hair cutting technique will create a perfectly stylish look.
Use hair styling products to spike your hair or give it a messy look or just use a brush to create a sleek straight simple style which will suit every occasion.