Creators of edgy hair styles managed to master the sharpness of various cuts and made them wearable and more softened to be sported even by those who look for a classy style. Indeed, the chic short Mohawk hair styles for summer managed to mesmerize the public regardless of age as it proves to be the best means to create the illusion of a perfectly proportioned face shape as well as highlight what’s best from our appearance.

Thanks to the length of the strands you won’t have to bother with volume boosting tricks. The haircut is perfectly adaptable to a busy lifestyle. 

People who would like to look voguish regardless of the event or the season should consider these short hair styles as the best option. Moreover, if you are more of an experimenter when it comes to hair styling, you’ll have the chance to test your talent and polish your skills with brand new tricks to sport unique versions of a similar timeless look.

Mohawks especially in the case of women are characterized by the longer top sections and trimmed sides. Indeed, the length of the strands depends on our preferences, some might like it almost shaved others are eager to preserve the moderate dimensions of the tresses. In both cases the look will add length and fine lines to our face. Those who struggle with a round face will find Mohawk hair styles the best solution to enjoy a perfectly structured and well-defined face shape. However, those who have oval or square face will also be thrilled by the miraculous power of these short haircuts to emphasize their facial features.

Indeed, leaving the crown section longer will make the spiky look more curvy and less sharp. This way you’ll be able to juggle with the length of the strands and add some curls and wave to your hair. Choose the looks above if you intend to master the transition from short to medium hair styles. Pay special care to the condition of your strands in order to proudly popularize the trend with your spotless locks. These alternatives are also perfect if you want to keep the door open for endless hair styling options and tricks as well as if you are fond of the Rockabilly and tousled looks.

Those who are more of Rock diva look admirers will also be able to go for the short trimmed strands on the top and even shorter or shaved sides. This combo of hair cutting techniques will set the perfect recipe for a dapper image. Use some gel or mousse to make sure you secure the long-lasting effect of your hairdo and ease the sculpting process with the proper products. Messy short hair as well as the more polished looks make you feel confident and eager to flash your love for alternative hair styling.

Additionally, it is also important to devote time to regular touch-ups. This is indeed the basic condition to preserve the flawless and initial state of your haircut. Especially when it comes to the shaved sides it is important to have them done by a hair pro or if you wish to do it yourself, follow the instructions with great care. Let yourself be inspired by the haircuts above and styling ideas for a cutting edge do.