Reduce bulk and get some texture by opting for one of these bold layered short haircuts. Muss up your tresses to nail down a flirty and modern look. Use some wax or texturizing formulas to make a real statement with your short 'do.

Long gone are the days of carefully placed layers and soft angles. It's high time to discover the infinite benefits of a more alternative and versatile hairstyle trend. Skim through the generous array of bold layered short haircuts that look simply stunning when paired with all hair types.

Inject some body and depth into your tresses by asking for a graduated crop. Short hair is sexy and can definitely make you feel confident. Tweak out the shape you are lusting after by using a few of the high street sculpting products from the market.

Short Layered Hair Styleby Carol E WoodShort Layered Hair Styleby Edan EdanShort Layered Hair Styleby Julie Lahr DesignsShort Layered Hair Styleby Carley Lofaso

Unleash your inner style adventurer with a pretty and glam haircut. When it comes to versatility this hair dimension is the perfect alternative to go bold with your look. We love choppy layered crops that can be easily sculpted with a tiny amount of wax or texturising clay. Feel free to go for the mussed up designs and flaunt your fondness for on trend haircuts popularized also by the most inspiring hair chameleons from Hollywood. Combat dull and lifeless hair by regular trimmings that help you preserve the flawless and modern impression of your tapered 'do.

Short Layered Hair Styleby Serenity Hair LoungeShort Layered Hair Styleby Lauren HiteShort Layered Hair Styleby Vicky LShort Layered Hair Styleby Liza Espinoza Achurra

Not only are these hairstyles modern, but they can also help you polish your hair sculpting skills. Pro hairdressers offer you the chance to copycat some of the visionary looks of the season. Complete your beauty kit with shine serum, wax or finishing texture spray and start the glamorous transformation. The measure of layering, along with the texture of your do can determine the repertoire of hair styling alternatives. Those who wish to juggle with the volume of their crop can go for the super-bold and tousled looks. Others who wish to highlight their sensual and flirty sides will have the opportunity to stick to a super-sleek, yet ultra-voguish hairdo. Draw some inspiration from these fabulous hair designs and pick the one that makes you sigh.

Short Layered Hair Styleby Femme FataleShort Layered Hair Styleby GC GeniusShort Layered Hair Styleby Mieka HairdressingShort Layered Hair Styleby Mark Leeson