Cute tomboy hairstyles can add flair to your look, even if you’re not going for the full tomboy style. Add a touch of masculine charm to your hair with the right tomboy hairstyle and you’ll be rocking an edgy look.

Most tomboy hairstyles aren’t super-short, so don’t worry about losing too much of your tresses. Even if you go for one of the short tomboy hairstyles, you’ll still have enough length to play around with products for different looks. Try the best tomboy hairstyles for girls, some timeless, some very trendy.

The Tomboy Crop

Short and sexy, the classic tomboy crop is one of the best looks you can get with a slight androgynous feel. No matter how short it’s cut, it’s always best to leave it longer in the front, to be able to style it differently and avoid a hairstyle routine.

Use hair gel or pomade to put it up into a quiff or keep it as is creating only messy bangs with a touch of hair styling mousse. With the right products you can always experiment with tomboy hairstyles for girls, even by making them more masculine with a sleek look.

Charlize Theron's Short Hairstyle

One Length with Blunt Bangs

Short tomboy hairstyles aren’t the only way to get a cool look. If you want to keep your hair longer, a one length cut is your best bet. Pair it with blunt bangs and you’ll be sporting one of the cute tomboy hairstyles that leaves you plenty of length to mess with.

Stay away from any layering that instantly makes your look feminine and causes you to lose the tomboy hairstyle charm.

The Pixie Cut

Go for a medium pixie cut, like the one made fashionable by Carey Mulligan if you want the best of short tomboy hairstyles. If your pixie is too short, like the ones Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway have been sporting for a while, you’ll lose the tomboy style.

Anne Hathaway's Pixie Short Hairstyle

Bowl Cut with Bangs

Another popular tomboy hairstyle for girls, the bowl cut with super long bangs, has been Robyn’s best look for the past few years. The Swedish singer added even more edge for an androgyny feel with her cool outfits. With such a well structured cut, you can also get a more daring color, from platinum blonde to vivid shades of red.

Michelle Williams Asymmetric Short Hairstyle

Long Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Probably the best tomboy hairstyle of 2013 is Michelle Williams’ grown out pixie. It has turned into a beautiful tomboy look thanks to the deep side-part and long bangs. If you prefer short tomboy hairstyles, this is the perfect look for you, but it’s by no means a low maintenance tomboy hairstyle.

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