Short hair cuts are particularly well-suited to round faces. Check out the hottest new short haircuts for a round face and choose the one that strikes your fancy.

1. Asymmetrical Cut

The asymmetrical cut is a very trendy short haircut for a round face. With one side slightly angled and the other angled pretty steep, this haircut creates a nice framing effect and will give your look a bit of edge.

2. Angled Bob

A slightly angled bob is a great short haircut for a round face. It frames the face nicely and, playing with subtle layering, creates a lovely feminine shape.

Asymmetric Haircut

3. Long Pixie

Alternatively, you could go for a longish pixie, with side swept bangs and long disconnected sides, which make this a very feminine look.See also: Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces

4. Gamine Look

Looking for a chic short haircut for a round face? You can never go wrong with a spiky gamine haircut, which will give you height and edge and bring out your eyes.

Long Pixie HaircutGamine Haircut

5. Hidden Stack

This is a great short haircut for a round face if you’d like the volume that a high graduation bestows without a stack of short hair.

6. Layered Bob

Another lovely short haircut for a round face, this bob plays with layers to create a sense of lightness and texture, while following the shape of the head.Also browse through: Choppy Bob Hairstyles

Hidden Stack HaircutLayered Bob Haircut

7. Short to Long

This asymmetrical cut, with one side short giving way to a long angled bob on the other side, is edgy and chic.

8. High and Bobbed

This is yet another stylish short haircut for a round face, which gives you height in the back and weight in the front. You can play with highlights and colors to create different looks.

Short To Long HaircutHigh Bobbed Hair

9. Beachy Waves Bob

This is a great look if you fancy a bit of texture without going too retro. Beachy waves can give you texture complete with a contemporary edge.

10. Pixie Vixen

This is one stunning short haircut for a round face – a cool blonde/brown/red pixie do, with short tapered sides, long-layered top and fringe.

11. Curly Bob

Adding curls is a great way to spice up a bob, giving you a bouncier and more sensual look.

12. Retro Bob

A one length bob is a chic and timeless short haircut for a round face, which will frame your face beautifully, without having to relinquish volume and weight.

Curly Bob HaircutRetro Bob Haircut

13. Layered A-Line

This is a great choice for thick hair. It will give you the A-line shape while removing weight. This haircut relies on concave layering, which takes some of the weight off while preserving length.

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