If you're lusting after something different in your look, check out the new wave of amazing short hairstyle trends for an instant glam boost to your locks.

Skim through these salon-perfect micro-crops to have a few ideas on how to update your look. Are you flirting with the idea of making a dramatic change in your look? It's high-time to nail down a myriad of versatile and ultra-flattering cuts. These amazing short hairstyles below will teach you how to sculpt your trimmed locks into voguish designs.

The hottest crops of the season are all about femininity with a modern touch. If you're inspired by the high fashion pixies or short bob haircuts celebs also sport, make the best appointment and have a well-defined idea of your dream haircut. Keep your stylist on speed dial to ask for advice on the selection of a length and structure which suit your face shape and features.

Short Haircutby ZgatShort Haircutby Anastasia ShcherbakovaShort Haircutby Short CutsShort Haircutby Zgat

If you're sick and tired of spending long hours in front of the mirror, drop a glimpse on these no-fuss cuts. Short hair proves to be ultra-diverse and easy to style. The secret to success is to arm up your beauty kit with mousse, styling clay and wax. These products save you from bad hair days. During the party season you'll be able to experiment with a wide repertoire of looks. From classy to wild and edgy, it's high-time to expand the source of inspiration for a future transformation. Create your own original style by playing with the natural texture of your locks. Go for sharp lines or asymmetry depending on your preferences.

Short Hairstyleby Irina DmitrievaShort Hairstyleby Toni and GuyShort Hairstyleby Hakim SharipovShort Hairstyleby Gary Gill

Choppy hair designs are among the hottest hair trends of the moment. Join the pack of hair fans who are eager to try their hand at the most dazzling looks envisioned by pro hairdressers. These creative crops can definitely help you break out of your monotonous box and land on the best tressed list. Adopt a trendsetter attitude towards hair styling and bring out the most of your layered cut. Choppy graduation is perfect if you're into edgy and alternative looks. However, those who wish to soften the visual impact of tapering will have the chance to nail down gorgeous soft layers.

Short Hairstyleby Maria LischukShort Hairstyleby IshokaShort Hairstyleby ZgatShort Hairstyleby Short Cuts