Mod hairstyles live their second youth with these days. More and more people adopt this classy trend to be up-to-date with the new wave in the world of fashion. Famous muses and style icons as Twiggy are associated with the founding of this mainstream trend. Originating from London and the society that craved for a revolution, mods conquered the world with their fashion conscious attitude.

The hairstyles favor geometric, blunt shapes and sharp angles. Extravagant still extremely chic, these hairdos brighten up your look in no time.

Their greatest advantage is however that mod fits almost all face shapes and hair textures. From square to round, thin to thick, you can find the perfect classy 60s short mod hairstyle you crave for.

short mod hairstylebowl cut hairstyle

Without a doubt short was the typical length, by pulling off a doll-like still feminine look, gals opted for bizarre bowl-cuts, super-angled bobs and extra-short boy cuts. These would highlight their beautiful features and eyes, often boosted up with false eyelashes.

Due to its low-maintenance quality it was preferred both by average people as well as stars. With its revival hair stylists tend to combine the classy atmosphere with the futuristic color palettes creating dashing hairdos.

Bouffant is a keyword when talking about the 60s glamour. These raised and BIG hairstyles give extra volume to the thinnest and weakest hair. Rollers were ‘must have’ accessories in the hair styling kit.

Blunt or bumpy at the hairlines the vintage effect is guaranteed with the use of an itsy-bitty mouse and a comb. Teasing was also very fashionable, to maintain the voluminous look.

medium mod hairstylesmedium mod hairstyles

The immortalized image of the first supermodel, Twiggy and the hair masterpieces of Vidal Sassoon will always remind us of the glamor and shine of the past decades.