Going short is often a hard decision, however, if you find the do that flatters your features most, your look will radiate confidence. Besides waving goodbye to your tresses there’s a lot more to sport a stylish short hairstyle.

Shaping and styling is just as essential, this will guarantee the oh-so-fab condition of the strands. Hair dressing gurus advise those who go for the short crops to include in their styling kit some gel and wax. These are the two basic tools that will help you in bringing out the best of your hairdo.

Short haircuts with bangs landed also on the red carpet. More and more celebrities make the cut to amaze the public with their new hairdo this fall 2009. If you flirt with the idea of following them in their footsteps, think about practicing the ideas bellow. Check out these short hairstyles as a load of inspiration for your next makeover session at the hair salon.

Spiked Bangs Spiked Bangs Spiked Bangs

Spiked Bangs

Nowadays short crops seem to enjoy jumbo popularity due to the different styling options they offer as well as due to hotshot celebrities who decide to go short overnight. If you are in the mood of playing with your strands, you might consider sporting a bangs hairstyle.

There’s no rule for shaping your bangs sleek and well-polished. The pics below prove that spiked bangs hairstyles can be just as feminine and refined. The hairdo is specially designed for those who would like to create the illusion of a longer face. Use some gel or wax and raise your strands, add a classy flair and curl the tresses and then spike them for an A-list look.

Sleek bangs Sleek bangs Sleek bangs

Sleek Bangs

Take advantage of the funky flexibility of short crops. Feel free to experiment with all kinds of hairstyles from the edgy to the more classy ones.

Sleek bangs are favorite accessories of those who sport a long or medium hairstyle. This time why not match it with a short pixie cut or a more defined and polished hairdo. Use the straightener to add volume and smoothness to your tresses then either leave the hair super-sleek or flip out your bangs. Fix the strands properly for a long-lasting effect.

Baby Bangs Baby Bangs Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

Sometimes wrong cut bangs can be turned to real groovy accessories. Indeed, those who would like to flash their beautiful features might find it the best solution. In order to pull off the oh-so-chic look pair these with a short bob or a do that adds a defined frame to your face.

Short hair looks just as uptown with baby bangs as longer tresses. Use the blow dryer to sleek the strands and secure the sleek quality of the bangs with an anti-frizz solution. Choose the best designs for your personality and most of all for your facial traits.