Let’s face it and admit the ugly truth! There have been some crazy hairstyles out there that can be easily considered as being the worst hairstyles of all time.Ladies, here is a list of what could easily be considered the worst haircuts ever:

The Rachel

We know very well the Rachel character from the funny sitcom ‘Friends’. Well, her hairstyle became so popular that every woman out there wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston’s character. It was a true “madness” and many women wore this haircut, whether it fitted them or not. Aniston even confessed afterwards that she hated that look.

The Mullet

Probably one of the worst hairstyles ever, the mullet represents a style that is short in the front and on sides and long in the back. Probably the peak of its popularity were the 1980s. Now it is just a good source for a great laugh.

The Rachel HaircutThe Mullet Haircut

The 70s Ear Covers

Well, here is a look that we wish we did not remember. Bobby Brady and Pete Ross were amongst the trendsetters.

The Mullet on Balding Man

Needless to describe this trend. Long hair probably compensated for the one lost.

The 80s Perm

Do you remember Cher’s big curly black hair or Mariah’s frizzy locks? They were two of the most representative stars to do this hairstyle.

80s Perm Hairstyle


There was a time in our lives when this hairstyle was big, more exactly, in the early 2000s. With African origins, this style implied your hair to be braided closely to the scalp.

The Bowl Haircut

Also known as helmet haircut, this hairstyle implies a simple haircut with blunt bangs. Plus, the rest of the hair has the same length. Recently, Rihanna made a comeback of the bowl cut.

Bowl HaircutRat Tail Haircut

The Rat Tail

We all have seen at least one of its followers. Let’s hope it never becomes trendy again.

The Combover

Some guys just wanted to cover their bald spots by combing over the hair from the sides. This way, they hoped they could fool the crown, but they never did.

The Faux Farah Haircut

This hairstyle was named after the beautiful Charlie’s Angels goddess, the blonde Farrah Fawcett. Many women tried to get her beautiful wavy haircut but it was not one to suit everybody. It is also known as “The Trailer Parker”.

The Jheri Curl Hair

The Jheri Curl

This was a very famous hairstyle in the 1970s and 1980s amongst the African – American community. It represented a perm hairstyle which was invented by Jheri Redding.

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