Summer is gone and the winter season is on the way. The influences external factors have over our tresses are well known, this is why people change their hair care routine every season. Warmth, cold, the sun’s UV rays, the winds, all these factors can affect our tresses and cause them damage which can be difficult to repair.

The cosmetic industry has been constantly trying to develop new and improved formulas to maintain the hair healthy and protected against damage. Winter is characterized by cold temperatures and winds, factors which can leave their print over our tresses. These factors are the key ingredients in damaging the hair and causing it do over dry. Dry hair appears dull, brittle and lifeless, a combination which is not something you wish for. Stressed hair, hair that has lost it’s moisture can be difficult to style because hairs moisture is the key ingredient in easy styling bouncy hair. To make sure your tresses are protected against the damaging factors winter brings with her you need to learn the proper winter hair care routine:

Always dry out your hair completely before you go out, because the wind and the cold temperatures will cause the hair to dry out.

Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, a shampoo which doesn’t contain harsh ingredients which can strip the natural oils off the hair. Natural oil produced by the scalp acts like a natural barrier against damaging external factors, this is why it is important not to remove hairs oil completely.

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Deep condition your hair at least once a week to restore and maintain the hairs moisture. Deep conditioning treatments are treatments which require a little bit of time, they usually have to be left on the hair for about half an hour. Allowing yourself a little bit of time once a week to pamper your hair doesn’t seem like such a hard thing to do.

Scalp massages can definitely help your hair maintain it’s health because by massaging the scalp you improve blood circulation at scalp level, making sure the oxygen levels and the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair are increased.

Get your hair regularly trimmed to ensure that you remove split ends. The cold temperatures and the powerful winds can stress the hair and cause split ends.

Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush every day because this way you will help to evenly distribute the oils throughout the hair, making sure the ends of the hair will also be naturally protected.

Care for your tresses because healthy looking hair is the only solution to obtaining gorgeous hairstyles whenever you wish.