How to take care of your hair in the winter? The cold season changes the hair care routine, find out the secrets now!

How to Take Care of Your Hair in the Winter
Maintain a healthy scalp! Caring for your scalp is as important as caring for your skin. Since the appearance of your hair is directly related to the health of your scalp, it's very important to use gentle products that will not remove natural oils that are needed for healthy and shiny hair. It's common during the dry winter season to experience itchiness and irritation. Try to wash your hair less often and choose a shampoo for sensitive scalps, which is usually creamier. Avoid formulas for dandruff-prone scalps, which is caused by an oily-not dry-scalp.

Banish hat head
Even after being under a wool hat, you can have soft and silky hair. Fortify strands with a leave-in conditioner or day cream to prevent frizz. For hair that's already flattened, poof it up by misting a brush with a light-hold hairspray and combing it through your hair. When you're home, slather on a deep conditioner at least once a week. Seal in moisture for the rest of the day with a leave-in conditioner.

Preserve your hair color
Like any extra stress you put on your hair, coloring makes the hair weaker and can cause breakage, which is why it's so important to deep-condition to lock in moisture. If you're heat-styling your hair frequently, be sure to protect it with a gel or salve, which will ensure that the heat burns away the product and not your hair color. Also, be mindful of your shampoo and conditioner: Tailor them to your hair type and color to prevent fading and brassiness.