A widow’s peak is the very distinctive “V” shaped point hair which descends on the forehead and can be observed only on some people. Telling if you have or don’t have a widow’s peak is very easy, all you need is to look in a mirror, pull the hair off your forehead and look to see if your hair descends in a “V” shape around the center of your forehead. If it does it means you’ve got a widow’s peak. On men, this distinctive hair characteristic is called a widower’s peak.

The so called widow’s peak has been wrapped around a lot of superstition in the 1800’s. Superstitious people believed that women who had a widow’s peak would outlive their husband. This has never been proven and it is only a superstition, which people don’t pay attention to anymore. The widow’s peak is a genetic trait which appears on men and women all over the world. It is a trait which does not affect people in a negative way. Some people love widow’s peaks because of their distinctive look, while others would like to diminish their aspect as much as possible. Here are some widow’s peak hairstyles to choose from, depending on personal preference:

widows peak hairstyle widows peak

To enhance the widow’s peak

Some women love their widow’s peak because of the distinctive trait they offer so they would do anything to enhance the feature. The right hairstyle can help enhance a widow’s peak, making it more visible. Because the widow’s peak is situated in the center it can be enhanced if the hair is center parted. The center part of the hair will attract the attention towards the widow’s peak making it more obvious.

Straight cuts without any bangs will also help enhance a widow’s peak. Pulled back hairstyles or any other type of hairstyle which exposes the forehead area will help reveal and enhance this genetic trait. It is true that this distinctive trait helps women step out of the ordinary and help them look different. A widow’s peak is not something that causes embarrassment, so dare to be different and enhance your look.

concealed widows peak Widows peak concealed

To conceal a widow’s peak

If your widow’s peak bothers you and it makes you feel self conscious, you should try to conceal it. A lot of women prefer not to stand out and so they want to conceal their widow’s peak, they don’t consider it an attractive trait, so they opt for a hairstyle which will help them conceal it. Side parted hairstyles, layered hairstyles and hairstyles with bangs can definitely offer the coverage you are looking for. It doesn’t really matter what type of hair you naturally have, all you need to do is opt for one of the above stated hairstyles.

Hair highlights can also help conceal the widow’s peak if they are placed in the right place. Consult a hairstylist if you wish to get the right highlights because, being well trained professionals they will be able to help you achieve the desired result.

It is up to each person to enhance or to conceal their widow’s peak. Do whatever pleases you because only this way you will be able to radiate beauty and be confident in your own skin.