Nowadays, there are several hair straightener plates on the market, and today we will take a closer look at the ceramic hair straighteners. Read on to find out more about this fabulous hair styling item and how to obtain a straight, shiny and healthy hair.

The first important thing when you are buying a new pair of hair straighteners is the type of plates they come with: metal, glass, ceramic plates are the most common. Metal plates are usually the cheapest from this category, and they can damage your locks. It takes a lot of time until they heat up and they don’t distribute heat well, therefore you can easily burn your hair, the result being an unhealthy, damaged hair and unruly split ends.

As opposite to metal plates, ceramic hair straighteners are the most popular plates commonly used by women all over the world as well as professional hair stylists. These special ceramic plates and the technology they use, are less harmful for the hair than the traditional straighteners with metal plates.

Ceramic straighteners are excellent choices if you want to obtain a silky, soft, shiny hair. In contrast to the metal plates, ceramic straighteners heat up very quickly and evenly, so you can save lots of time spent with styling and your hair will not loose its vitality or get damaged. Ceramic plates are designed to glide smoothly in your hair, therefore the can easily be used by anyone.

Great quality ceramic plates are also supplied with adjustable temperatures. This is an important feature, because you can set the heat according to our hair type. For thin, colored or damaged hair always lower the temperatures, to avoid the risk of burning your hair. In the case of ladies with coarse and very thick hair, higher temperatures are preferable. To achieve the best results, the use of ceramic straighteners is recommended on freshly washed and conditioned, entirely dry hair. Applying heat protection products before styling is also an important step. It is advisable to buy quality hair straightening products, because reputable brands usually provide you with better styling results, being more durable and less harmful to your hair.

Tip: If your hair is shorter, choose a hair straightener with a smaller width (approximately 1-1.5 inch wide), because these focus on smaller segments of hair. For a long hair use a wider plate (in between 2 or 3 inches). This way styling will be more efficient and you can save time. Try a good quality ceramic hair straightener and bring glam to your look with a brilliant, straight and healthy hair.