Do you actually crave for a new hair color, however it seems that you strands are not exactly healthy?Instead of further ruining the condition of your tresses make sure you engage into a hair dying project only if the follicles and your scalp are perfectly healthy. Learn more about the cases when coloring should be avoided.

Choosing a new hair color can be both fun and inspiring. Different studies however demonstrated that our fondness for hair dying shouldn't be unconditional. As in the case of all hair styling techniques the secret for success is to identify the condition of our strands and maintain their health. Indeed some of the procedures might damage the tresses inasmuch as irreversible deterioration might occur.

There's only one thing you can do before you decide on any of these, namely to know when your hair and scalp is ready for a change. Hair coloring belongs to one of the drastic methods to change our look. However it has also an equal impact on our hair. There are cases when it is better to postpone a dying session in order to prevent the follicles from harsh effects. Here are some of the common cases when to avoid hair dying.

Skip hair dying if your tresses are already looking damage. it is a misconception that a new shade will jazz up your look. The strands will be and look just as ruined.

Constant hair straightening, excessive sun and heat exposure as well as other damaging chemicals might reduce the elasticity and glow of your hair.

In this case first and foremost treat the brittleness and frizz with professional or homemade hair conditioning treatment.

These will help the follicles recover from the trauma and get the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. It is also useful to cut back on harsh chemical-based products to enhance the healing process.

Thinning hair can be also a sign of a severe deficiency of the organism or other disorders that affect the strands.

If you experience a gradual or quicker hair thinning or even hair loss it is highly recommended to avoid hair dying. Unless you want to aggravate the state of your follicles, you should think of the additional effects of coloring which are often to risky to try when the scalp and hair are not in their best shape.

The condition of your scalp is just as essential as that of the hair. In fact the hair dye enters the blood stream and can generate severe problems if you're health condition is not ideal. More the scalp often reflects that signs of an inappropriate hair care. That's why if you have scratches, injuries or blisters on this area make sure you postpone the coloring till these will completely heal.

Perming and hair coloring done almost simultaneously might also have a harmful effect on your hair. These two hair styling methods seem to compete in harshness. Even if modern cosmetics offers several safe techniques to perm and dye your strands it is still more advisable to keep a well-deserved pause between these two session. Instead first decide whether you want the new color or some curls. Then after a few weeks you'll be able to sport both of them at the same time without any unpleasant consequence.