Body wave perms can give you instant volume, thickness and the desired wave pattern. The result of the whole process depends on the type of your hair, however, a body wave perm has many advantages – it can totally change the direction your hair flows and you won’t have to deal with curling irons or hair rollers when styling your hair – will make your hair easier to manage.

If you don’t know the actual process, the result depends on the size of the perm rod, the number of rods used and the actual process of the perm wrap. The only difference between regular perm and a body perm is the size of rods used – in this case large thick rods are used to create the desired effect.

What is a Body Waves PermWhat is a Body Waves Perm

It will take generally two hours to have your perm done, but it also depends on the length of your hair. The process is basically the following:

The hairstylist will analyze the condition of your hair and will recommend what type of perm you’ll need. After that the rods are selected, in the case of body wave perms, the hairstylist will opt for bigger rods, in order to create waves rather then curls.

According to specialists for straight hair types cylindrical or straight rods should be used, to get the most natural wave pattern.

Your freshly-washed hair is carefully wrapped around the rods; the perm chemical is applied in order to preserve curls in your hair. This chemical will give flexibility to your hair and will imitate the shape of rods. Finally as the rods are taken out, a neutralizer is sprayed into your hair, that creates a protective layer to preserve your curls into the permed shape.

As mentioned earlier everything depends on the texture of your hair, if your hair is incredibly straight your stylist will choose large rods to create natural waves.

If you’re blessed with a slight, natural wave the emphasis will be laid on the bottom layers of your hair, done with large rods and strong setting chemicals.

If you have very curly hair it can also be useful in relaxing tight curls, creating a softer and straighter effect.

Before you go to a hair salon it’s important to find out as much as you can about the body wave perm – in order to avoid hair disasters…