Shiny and healthy hair has always caught peoples attention especially because the natural light reflected off the hair enhances it’s shine. In order for the hair to maintain it’s health and shine it needs certain vitamins which we can accumulate through a healthy and diverse diet. The lack of these essential vitamins can lead to dull looking hair even hair loss.

In order to maintain the hairs shine you need to care for it by ensuring you get your daily intake of:

Vitamin E helps the hair stay shiny and healthy because it helps the blood circulation in the scalp which increases the oxygen circulation. Vitamin E can be found in green leaf vegetables, nuts and raw seeds and eggs. You can also get Vitamin E from supplements especially if you are not eating enough vitamin E foods

Vitamin A which helps the scalp produce healthy sebum and aids hair regeneration. You can get your vitamin A intake from carrots and orange colored fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B complex are known for maintaining healthy and shiny hair. Vitamin B also prevents hair loss and premature graying hair. You can get vitamin B from fish, red meats, dairy products, carbohydrates and fruits

vitamins for shiny hair Shiny hair

If you don’t get enough vitamins in your organism your hair, skin and you will feel the negative effects. Make sure you get a healthy, diverse and balanced diet in order to protect your self and your hair from any type of problems. If however for some reason you don’t think your body gets enough vitamins, get supplements. They will come as a support for your organism but will not replace your meals.

It is necessary to approach the situation from both fronts: from the inside as well as from the outside. The proper vitamins combined with the proper hair care can lead to a longer, healthier hair and can contribute to the hairs gorgeous, shiny appearance.