What causes dry hair and how to prevent it. Learn more and get solutions for your dry hair, for greasy but also dry hair, frizzy or split ends problems.

Dry ends greasy roots? Why it happens? Sufferers of combination tresses often have chemical treatments or regular heat styling to blame for their bad hair condition, but sometimes it can be due to natural processes. Generally, in these cases it's as a result of hormones encouraging the over production of sebum an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous gland in dry hair, giving you an awkward mix of ailments.

How to prevent it? Invest in a cleanser that neither claims to solve or aggravate the problem - but that simply neutralizes the hair pack to its normal pH. Deep condition your dry ends for 15 minutes once a week ensuring that you completely avoid the root area and try not to over-stimulate the scalp when you shampoo, as it will only re-activate the sebaceous gland.

Frizz - Why it happens? If you looked at a frizzy hair under a microscope you would see that the cuticle on the surface has lifted away from the shaft, either naturally or through repeated damage through heat styling. This prevents the stand from maintaining its originally smooth surface, and as a result, any natural moisture and oils within the hair evaporate, leaving it dry, dull and frizzy-looking.

How to Treat Dry Hair

How to prevent it? Boost your moisture level at every opportunity. Keep an eye out for products that contain essential oils these are closest to your hair's natural construction for best results. Spend a little time massaging your chosen deep conditioner into your roots for the ultimate moisture penetration and try a light list of leave-in conditioner once a day.

Breakage and split ends - Why it happens?
When hair is repeatedly chemically or heat-treated either through perming, dyeing, straightening or blow-drying - looses natural moisture and oils that keep hair strong and flexible. Once these are lost, lengths become dry, brittle and break easily. Prolonged exposure to these treatments will result in poor condition and irreparable breakage.

What Causes Dry Hair and How to Prevent It

How to prevent it? Make sure you have a healthy diet, filled with all the necessary food groups good condition starts from the inside and have frequent cuts to remove dry ends.

Clean and moisturize your hair regularly with products that contain essential oils and try to minimize the amount of your use heat stylers and abrasive chemical treatments.

Try this all-natural rosemary-honey mask for your dry, frizzy tresses:

Mix ½ cup honey, ¼ cup warmed olive oil and 4 drops of essential oil of rosemary in a spray bottle. Spray onto slightly damp hair and massage into scalp. Cover with a heated towel and leave on for 15-30 minutes before shampooing.