Initially, dealing with a bad haircut might not seem easy, however, having an unfortunate haircut shouldn’t mean that you have to hide inside the house, waiting for your tresses to grow longer! Therefore, here’s what you should do in case you are forced to deal with a bad haircut!

How to Deal With a Bad Short Haircut

Let’s assume that you’ve booked an appointment with your hairstylist and asked him for a sleek bob. Unfortunately, he decided to cut more than he should have and, consequently, you aren’t pleased with the result. Now, it’s only natural to start asking yourself how to deal with a bad short haircut! An easy solution would be to use your flat iron. This styling tool can smooth and stretch your locks, which might create the illusion of more length.

What to Do When You Have a Bad Haircut: Dealing With Too Many Layers

Hair Fixes

Now it’s time for another scenario. You asked your hair dresser for a gradual cut that will add more volume and movement to your tresses. Nevertheless, he chose to add extra layers, which made your locks look thin instead. In this case, what would be the best bad haircut fix? Here’s what you should do!

Take your curling iron and start curling your hair ends towards your face. This will add extra volume to your look. You can also opt for a beautiful hair accessory, such as a barrette or a headband, as these can help cover your flat strands.

Finally, you can choose to gather your locks in a chignon. Add a bit of styling gel to hold your hair in place and a couple of bobby pins to secure your hairstyle.

Coping With a Bad Haircut: Undesired Fringe


Dealing with an undesired fringe shouldn’t be a problem! Hairstylists suggest using hair accessories, because they have proven to be another effective bad haircut fix. You should pin your fringe back with a couple of bobby pins or use a silk scarf as a headband. This hair accessory can cover your fringe completely, and no one will notice it. Moreover, if you want to add more length, you should take your blow dryer and blow the fringe straight down. Finally, don’t forget to use your hands to hold your fringe against the forehead, while your hair’s still warm.

Bad Haircut Fix: Try Out Different Styles

Trying out different hairstyles can in fact be a great bad haircut fix. You should purchase a couple of styling products and search online for different hairstyles that suit your current look and face shape. How do soft curls sound? Great? Then let’s get down to business! Be creative and enjoy all those styles you didn’t have time to explore until now.

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