Your hair is definitely one of your most priced possessions as it can help you transform your look completely. Unfortunately, all the products, hair styling tools and chemicals used to obtain those oh-so-trendy changes, put the hair under a lot of stress. This stress can cause hair damage which everyone should try to avoid if you wish to enjoy the beauty of your hair for as long as possible. To help deal with damaged, stressed hair, a variety of useful tips have been developed, tips which can help promote healthy hair.

Healthy, rich and glossy hair has always made heads turn, so no wonder people who feel the repercussions of hair damage, would give almost anything to regain the strength and health of their locks. Preventing hair damage is always easier than treating it, so try to allow a little bit of time for hair care. Take the following useful tips for healthy hair into consideration and you’ll definitely capture all the attention with your ravishing hair:

Protecting the hair against the heat given off by heated hair styling tools is a must, as heat has a negative impact over the hair causing it to dry, thing and eventually break. Dry hair has a dull appearance and is quite difficult to style, this is why thermal protection sprays have been created. They help protect the hair from the extreme heat, so use them every time whether you’re blow drying it, straightening it or curling it.

Sleep on a silk pillow, as silk helps prevent the hair from tangling during the night. Silk is smooth and the hair slides on its surface, counter to a cotton pillow. This way your hair will remain soft and smooth overnight. An alternative to using a silk pillow is using a silk head scarf. Wrap your hair around with a silk scarf and sleep with your head wrapped to protect your hair from friction damage.

Pay attention to your hair when you brush it or when you are pulling it up into an updo as you too can contribute to hair damage. Brushing your hair from the roots down, brushing harshly, brushing the hair while it’s wet and using hair elastics which pull on your hair can lead to hair damage, so try to avoid this as much as possible.

If your hair isn’t growing as much as it used to, make sure you are not only getting all your essential vitamins, but you are also getting regular trims. To promote healthy hair growth, you can also turn to capillary massage. Use your fingers to gently massage your scalp as this way you will stimulate the roots and blood circulation which will help with your hair growth.

Alternate the types of shampoo you are using to keep your hair healthy. Anti-dandruff shampoos can dry out your hair, so try to alternate it with another shampoo to keep your scalp dandruff free, but soft and silky as well.

Your hair can suffer greatly if subjected to inadequate treatments such as bleaching, perms, hair straightening, heat hair curling, etc, so try to avoid stressing your hair too often, to allow it to regenerate.

Nourish your hair regularly with hair masks, purchased or homemade, as they can really make a huge difference on your hair. There are a variety of ingredients which can help treat different hair problems, so use the ingredients your hair needs.

Thicken your hair by turning towards seaweed supplements as they contain ingredients which not only help promote hair growth, prevent hair damage, but also offer the hair the nutritive microelements it needs.

Useful Tips for Healthy Hair