If you’re tired of sporting the same boring hair color as everyone and wish to get a more unique look with bold color combinations that will underline your individuality, check out the following edgy and unique hair coloring ideas 2011.

The hair color trends in 2011 are amazing as they allow women to experiment with a great variety of daring hues that steal the attention. Not everyone looks good with their natural color or enjoys wearing the same shade for years, and for these women the latest hair coloring techniques and innovative products can represent endless possibilities. Think of your hair as a clean canvas which invites you to show your creativity. However, the hair coloring process could leave a negative imprint on your hair if done improperly, so turn to a professional for best results and damage-free colored hair.

Hair by Great LengthsHair by Great LengthsHair by HerbertsHair by Great Lengths

Different types of highlights, thin or chunky streaks in vibrant colors can definitely make heads turn and since one of the hottest hair color of the moment is red, don’t hesitate to take this fiery shade into account. The combinations and red hues available are vast, meaning you can find several flattering red shades for your skin tone. Go for block color or opt for multi-toned looks by breaking up the base with chunks of copper, purple or black highlights and lowlights. An ombre red hair effect, which is darker at the roots and gradually lightens towards the ends, is also a great option for women who love to play with hair coloring.

Hair by AestheticsHair by Damien Carney for JoicoHair by Great LengthsHair by Farouk

Brunettes are most fortunate, as any bright shade will stand out and get more vibrant when placed next to a darker base. From ash to brown, pink, blue, purple, your options are endless. Create subtle hair highlights or go for panelling for a bolder, chunkier result. The bigger the contrast, the edgier the result will be, so make sure you opt for colors which not only scream “look at me” but which complement your skin tone without making you look washed out. Because of the dark pigments your locks will most likely require some bleaching before the hair dye is applied, so make sure your hair is healthy before you get creative with your hair color. Maintain your color bright and shiny by using special color protective products!

Hair by Great LengthsHair by Great LengthsHair by Marc LeesonHair by Damien Carney for Joico

Give your blonde locks edge and a more contemporary vibe by opting for one or more contrasting colors throughout your hair. Blue, brown, pink, red, orange as well as purple tones look amazing in combination with blonde, so choose carefully and opt for hues which complement each other and your skin tone perfectly. Go for contrasting color chunks or multi-tonal highlights, combining neon brights with pastel blondes.