Some retro hairstyles are very glamorous and have made a huge comeback in today’s trendy hairstyles, but some of them are retro and should stay retro. They are the type of hairstyles that make you wonder “what was I thinking wearing that”. Even though at that moment the type of hairstyle was a huge success, they are definitely no no hairstyles, hairstyles that look plain ugly and weird.

These hairstyles bring a moment of astonishment, a moment in which people are wondering what the heck is that.

Here are a few examples of the most hideous hairstyles women all over the world decided to wear, hairstyles that should definitely remain in the retro, outdated zone.

The “there’s something about Mary” hairstyle

This type of hairstyle was very popular among women. It is characterized by a big poof made out of side swept bangs. The rest of the hair was left straight or curly, pulled into a ponytail or left loose. It is actually a ridiculous hairstyle, that was actually very popular a long time ago.

there retro hairstyle

The tight curl perm or the “Poodle”

The tight curl perm hairstyle has known a huge success among women. Women were going crazy for this type of hairstyle. They didn’t care if the curls matched their face shape and enhanced their facial features, if women had perm, they had style, well, that is what women thought at the time anyway.

In the era of perm, perm and more perm curly permed hair was considered awesome. Tight permed curls were created on short hair, medium length hair and long hair. Short hair doesn’t look good with tight curls and women have proven it.

This retro hairstyle remained retro and it doesn’t seem that it’s going to come back any time soon.

tight curl ugly hairstyle

The mullet

The mullet was a very popular hairstyle in the ’80’s. It was so popular it became a unisex hairstyle. It was worn by men, women, children. The mullet is characterized by wispy, short on top and on the sides of the head. In the back, close to the nape of the neck the hair is left long. There are some mullet hairstyles in which the short hair on top gets progressively longer as it comes down towards the shoulders. The mullet hairstyle just plainly looks weird on a women, it is not a feminine hairstyle or a hairstyle which enhances any facial features. All it does is attract unwanted attention.

mullet hair mullet