Highlights as well as lowlights can add a little bit of twist to any hairstyle and hair color. Highlights are a great way to brighten up natural hair or artificial hair color, creating a more interesting hair color. The hair can be highlighted with different colors, but the most common highlight colors still remain blonde and brown tones. The highlights can vary in width, going from narrow to chunky highlights, depending on the desired effect.

As the hair styling industry came to evolve, more and more techniques have been invented to obtain different results. Every technique has a different outcome and each highlighting technique gives incredible results.

Here are some highlighting and lowlighting techniques used by hairstylists to make your tresses look gorgeous:


This technique uses foils to apply different layers of color in order to obtain a unique dramatic result.


Using this technique small or chunky sections of hair are weaved out and colored differently than the rest of the hair color. The results obtained through this technique are lovely.

Hidden colors

This technique colors sections of hair from underneath, the hair closest to the scalp. The color will only be revealed when the hair is pulled up or styled differently. The more the difference between the two colors, the more dramatic the outcome.


This technique is used to dye only the ends of the hair. The colors used are usually vibrant colors, colors that will stand out from the natural hair color. It looks great and creates a very trendy and stylish hair color style.

Choose the highlighting technique which can create your desired highlights. Highlights look great, so whatever technique you choose your tresses will look awesome.