The new season comes with new beauty must-haves that will surely become a favorite in 2012, so make sure you follow the latest trends with your beauty and style regimen as a true fashionista is never caught off guard when it comes to the latest trends. Hairstyles are known for their beautifying power and this is one of the reasons why professionals come up with innovative products and solutions.

We’ve put together the coolest hair must-haves, from hair coloring to hair styling, that will surely make a difference in your hair routine.

The Wave Clip A creation by the Australian hairstylist Kevin Murphy, the Wave Clip is definitely a hair styling tool to consider adding to your hair styling kit if you love wearing soft wavy hairstyles. Styling frizz-free, organic waves has never been easier: this product works as a hair roller, just click it onto the hair to create the waves without direct heat. The Wave Clip will also help smooth frizz and flyaway hairs, so you can achieve a flawless wavy hairstyle without too much effort. Click it onto your locks and blast with the blow dryer to set waves into place.

Feather Extensions Adding a few feathers throughout your locks can definitely give you a cool boho allure that will make heads turn. The great thing about feather extensions is that they can be applied at home and take little effort and time to do so. The extensions come in various colors to suit different personalities, from more subtle to bright ones, depending on the desired result one wishes to achieve. Feather hair extensions can last for several months in your hair and they are safe to wash, curl and straighten using a flat iron, so you can enjoy a different look without having to worry about maintenance.

The Color Bug Australian hairstylist Kevin Murphy put his skills to the test and came up with a cool way to color the hair without any effort, without damaging the hair and without going for a long-term commitment. Mr. Murphy’s Color Bug was created by the hairstylist’s desire to upgrade his locks to a more edgy color for the weekend without having to maintain the color for days in a row. The Color Bug is available in three fab shades, pink, orange and purple and it features a bright color that is easily wiped on and off the hair. The product works best if a hair texturizer is applied on the hair prior to application as this helps the pigments from the Color Bug to adhere to the hair better. When you’re done and want to get your natural color back, just wash the hair as usual.