The most influential hairdressers reveal their tricks to inject refinement and volume into plain locks. Those who wish to glam up their look for the warmer months will have the opportunity to improve their sculpting skills with a few useful methods.

The great thing about the following top secrets to styling hair like a pro is that everyone can learn them without any difficulties. Work only with high quality tools that protect the spotless condition of your strands. These are some of the A-lister hair styling techniques you can also experiment with.

No Frizz Hair Drying

In order to make sure your ‘do is flawless and there are no flyaways that could sabotage your look, it is highly recommended to take into consideration the following trick to a textbook style hair drying. It is absolutely a must to be sure the air flow is directed downwards right from the roots towards the ends. Use a brush instead of your fingers and some hair types can be extremely prone to frizz if you skip the use of A-list hair styling tools.

Shiny Hair Trick

There’s no need to load your hair with a myriad of styling products. Instead, use cold water to add a natural radiance to your locks. Before you step out of the shower make sure you rinse off your locks with cold water.

This is the secret to seal the cuticle and guarantee the super-fine texture of your locks. See the visible positive result right after the first hair care session.

Beach Waves With Sea Salt Spray

There’s no need to opt for perming if you wish to add a natural-looking, beach wavy effect to your locks. Instead, take full advantage of the most revolutionary styling products from the market.

Have the loveliest beach waves by spraying some on your damp locks and letting your tresses dry naturally. Success is guaranteed! Moreover, you can also create your own formula by mixing water with a few tbs of sea salt.

Skip The Towel

Some beauty bunnies tend to leave their locks wrapped in a towel for long periods. It’s undoubtedly one of the worst faux pas of hair care. Keeping your locks in a damp cloth will only increase the chance of frizz as the cotton leaves the hair cuticles completely open. The right method to make sure you ease the hair styling process is to remove the water excess with your hands by squeezing the strands and let your hair dry naturally for 5-10 minutes before starting the actual blow drying phase.

Apply Products 5-10 Minutes Before Styling

Regardless of your purpose with styling it is wise to use a few A-list products to protect the spotless condition of your hair. However, it is also important to apply the various formulas 5-10 minutes before the actual sculpting phase. This period will guarantee that the products are properly absorbed by the cuticles and you’ll manage to bring out the most of your conditioning treatment.

Hair Styling Secrets

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