Models are helped by a team of hair demigods who are keen to grant the public with the most spectacular runway hair styles and tendencies elaborated by the prominent figures of modern hair dressing industry. The cute casual looks as well as the formal and more architectural styles necessitate the same effort and mastery. Therefore these runway sweethearts will have the chance to steal some of the most useful and efficient tips and rituals that would guarantee their spotless entree and the long-lasting glam of their locks.

Fortunately these secrets are not kept in locked treasure chests instead these are shared with us, the public and fans who are mesmerized by the versatile and fabulous looks that appear on the runway. To be up-to-date with the latest inventions when it comes of hair styling products as well as tools and techniques it is important to spy on the top model hair styling tricks.

Tissue Paper and Sleek Strand

Slicked-back hair styles made their great entree during the spring/summer fashion shows. Indeed these hair styles besides the proper hair texture and density also require rituals that would definitely maintain the strands polished and flat during the whole show as well as when embedded into street chic.

Those who would like to practice the most fabulous hair slicking trick of top models should always have some tissue paper at hand. Clipping it to the hair during completing your make up especially to the sections that should be straight and frizz-free is the best solution to tame the strands.

Hair Volume

Those who are eager to enhance their locks with a boost of volume would be thrilled to find out that this can be easily achieved with the help of their fingers, some wax and baby powder. As simple as that there’s no need to appeal to hair styling tools. Instead lean forward and let your strand hang upside-down.

Now use a little amount of wax and rub your hands in order to eliminate the excess and make it more simple to apply. Now massage it into your locks then go back to the normal position and put some baby powder in your hands. It’s time to apply this recipe to the underlayers of your hair which would immediately boost the volume of the tresses. Try out this trick, there’s no need to panic since the powder will seem invisible.

Cute Braids

Braided hair styles are also uber-popular on the runway from the traditional French braids to the fishtail and milkmaid styles. Though some might consider them too youthful and casual to sport them. However designers managed to prove that these patterns can be applied for every event and that our locks will look stunning when styled in cute braids.

In order to make the look more age-appropriate especially if you are an adult, start plaiting the hair lower and not exactly near your face. This loose texture and the fact that it is secured with a fine elastic rather than sported super-tight will add a more breezy and cosmo flair to your appearance. On the other hand teens can experiment with the endless patterns and sections where to start braiding the hair.

Hair Spray Use

In the use of hair spray professional hair stylists also offer models the chance to steal some of the timeless tricks. In the case of this hair products it is highly recommended to use your fingers to secure its long-lasting effect.

This is especially useful in formal and more ceremonial hair styles that are often sleek and super-smooth.The high brow tint of the sleek and polished buns, French twists as well as ponytails is created with the moderate use of hair spray on the critical ares and wiping the spray excess with our fingers.

Be it applied to hair part or simple the roots the effect will be both spectacular and lasting. Go over the strand with your hand and make sure you fixed the strands right before the spray dries.

Poof-Proof Hair

Preparing for a huge style event requires careful planning as hair styles are often created before the make up it is important to secure the best conditions to preserve the spotless texture and look of the locks. In this case poof and frizz are some of the greatest enemies. The secret to fight them as pro hair gurus demonstrated are stocking caps.

These can be purchased or created very simple therefore you can also use them if you would like to maintain the sleek and tamed state of your tresses. Using a flat iron or keeping the natural straight texture of the hair is important to create proper atmosphere or complement our dazzling outfit. Offer this protection to the locks for the desired dapper effect.