With the multitude of hair care products available nowadays it’ s no wonder that many of us have trouble finding the most suitable products for our hair. However, even if we end up choosing the right products for hair care as well as for hair styling our success is far from being guaranteed. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to a bad hair day and misusing hair products is a surefire way to contribute to the problem. Without a clear set of instructions it becomes far too easy to use too little or too much hair product with almost disastrous effects on the way our hair looks, not to mention to the health of our scalp.

One of the most common mistakes everyone makes when it comes to hair care refers to one of the most basic hair care rituals: shampooing and conditioning. Aside from not choosing the most appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type as well as for the the specific problems your hair might have there are a lot of other problems as well. Misdiagnosing the your hair type or the problems of your scalp is a frequent problem that can be easily solved by asking a professional advice from a qualified person.

Shampoo and conditioner mistakes

After these problems have been solved it’s time to take a close look at your rituals to discover what are the things you do that might do you a big disservice when it comes to the way your hair looks. Too frequent shampooing is the common mistakes but a less obvious mistake is failing to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to get rid of all the residues in your hair from hair styling products and everyday pollutants that affect your scalp.

Wondering why your hair looks so flat and lifeless despite the fact that you always use rich conditioners and homemade masks to regain its natural shine? The problem might be the quantity you are using as well as the way you are distributing conditioner.

If you use a lot of conditioner at the roots and only a small amount on the ends of the hair then the results should not be surprising. As a good rule of thumb you should never use more than a quantity equal to 2 teaspoons of conditioner unless you have really long hair.

Hair spray

Avoiding to use hair spray can turn out to be a mistake because you might end up missing on the great properties that hair spray has. It has been demonstrated that hair gel not only does not dry the hair as it was previously though but on the contrary it might help lock moisture in. The explanation for this surprising discovery is that the hair spray contains a polymer that has this property and that the alcohol that is the real culprit for dry hair evaporates before doing damage to the hair.

However, it’s best to use your common sense and avoid overusing hairspray. Another common mistakes for hair spray that can entirely ruin your hairstyle is improper application. Make sure that you keep the hair spray bottle at least 10 inches away from the hair for best results.

Hair gel

Overusing hair gel is by far one of the most common mistake many women don’t realize they are making until it’s too late. The effects of hair gel overuse are fairly obvious: the hair looks more fragile and lacks natural volume. To counteract the effects of hair gel over use there’s a very simple solution you can use. Put water in an empty spray bottle and spray it as evenly as possible to distribute gel.

Remember that common sense is one of the best policies you can apply when it comes to using hair care products. Make sure that you always make informed decisions when it comes your hair and avoid the procedures that might damage it as much as possible. As a general rule it’s best too use too little product than too much products so try and experiment with only a few of the quantity you normally use and you might be surprised of how much better your hair looks.