Dying your hair is a great way to experiment with new colors and new looks. However, frequent hair coloring can be harmful for your hair mainly if you are dyeing your hair in home conditions.

Nowadays there are a large variety of hair coloring products on the market, therefore many women make the mistake of choosing the wrong dye for their natural hair color. In order to avoid these unpleasant results it is always good to consult a professional about which hair dye you should choose or pay attention to the following helpful tips. Let’s see some of the major hair dye mistakes you should avoid!

Selecting your hair dye color according to the model on the box. This is one of the most common mistakes women make when choosing hair dye. The outcome of the dyeing always depends on your natural hair color. Check out the shades on the back of the packing so you can have an idea about how the final color would look like on your initial color.

Forgetting to do a patch test. When you choose a certain hair coloring product it is key to make an allergy test in order to avoid adverse reactions. Apply a small amount of hair dye behind your ear to check for eventual allergy, hair loss redness or inflammations. Make sure you do a strand test 1-2 days before applying the hair dye.

Prolonging the time of dyeing. Under no circumstances should you leave the dye longer on your hair than it is recommended by the manufacturer, since it can cause serious damages to your hair, leaving you with an unaesthetic look. If you are not pleased with the result of dyeing, you can repeat the coloring process after two or three weeks.

Choosing a color that is too light or dark for you. Always look for a color that flatters your face and matches your natural skin tone. A hair dye that is too light will make you look dull and washed-out. Although, if you opt for a nuance that is too dark for your features, you can end up looking artificial and a lot older than you really are. A color that is dark for your complexion will be hard to remove or correct. Make sure you chose the right shade of hair dye that highlights your face and harmonizes with the color of your eyes and your hair as well as your skin tone.

Applying a conditioner before dying your hair. Do not apply any kind of hair conditioning product on your hair before you applying the dye. In order to obtain maximum results and intense color, your hair should be clean and free from any impurities and oil, so washing your hair with a shampoo is fine.

Applying dye on dirty hair. Two or three weeks before you plan to color your hair, it is recommended to cut off the dry, split ends and apply deep conditioning masks in order to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Right before you apply hair dye, make sure your hair is perfectly clean and tangle free.

Using hair dye on eyelashes and eyebrows. Avoid using hair color to dye your lashes and brows since you may even lose from your lashes and eyebrow hairs. When hair color gets in contact with your eyes you can even end up with more serious health problems as hair colors can have a negative effect on your sight. Opt instead for products that are specially designed to dye this sensitive areas and match the color of your brows with your hair color.

If you want to obtain a wonderful hair and an exciting new color, you should avoid the above common hair dying mistakes that can destroy your look and may also have serious consequences your health. Dying your hair at home is a costless and easy way to achieve a trendy look. However, if you notice any kind of adverse effect or if you are unsure about how to properly apply your hair dye it is better to ask a professional hair stylist for help.