Combs similarly to makeup brushes need a special care. Especially when it comes of using them to restore the health of our strands. Due to the wide range of hair styling tools the hair care industry offers, we have the chance to choose the best brush for our hair type and texture.

Offering the proper protection for our tresses these accumulate all the debris and harmful residues as well as the tons of build-ups styling products leave behind in our strands.However besides this advantage these smart inventions can have endless drawbacks. If not cleansed perfectly these can spoil the natural glow and texture of our hair, by stuffing the follicles with all kinds of harmful factors.

The best way to keep the scalp and follicles neat and healthy is to clean hair brushes and combs with regularity. Here are the most well-known methods to restore the initial clean state of our hair styling tools.

Start the cleansing process by gathering the brushes and combs. Then put them under lukewarm water, this will ease up the removal of the hair from the bristles.

Use a tiny amount of shampoo to wash the brushes, next, begin to pull the hair out of these. If the process goes slowly and with difficulties start rubbing the two brushes together.

Hair Tools

This should work after a few seconds. However if you want to go for sure use the comb as the best cleaning tool.

The next act is to thoroughly comb the bristles of the more dense brushes. Be careful and head only into one direction, don’t make it back and forth.

This will resemble the simple brushing of hair, and soon due to the warm water and the detangling process, you’ll be able to eliminate the unwanted locks.

Use a towel to dry the styling tools, be gentle with the bristles, some might be over-sensitive to pulling. Treat the brush as indicated on the label.

Another method won’t require as much effort as the earlier one. All you have to do is prepare a bowl with warm water and place the brushes and combs into it. Add a few drops of shampoos for a perfect cleansing. Leave it for 30 minutes then dry them with a soft tissue or a neat towel.

An old toothbrush can also be your friend in eliminating the unwanted residues from your brushes. Soak them into mild shampoo or soap depending on your preferences. Start combing the tools gently until you notice that the hair starts to come off the bristles. Keep on until you achieve the desired state and finally rinse it off with warm water. Lat but not least let it dry naturally or use a soft tissue.

White vinegar can also serve as a natural cleanser. Soaking the brushes into a bowl of water mixed with a few tbs of vinegar will do miracles for these. The endless amount of debris will soon be eliminated leaving the bristles clean and soft. Finally rinse the mixture off with pure water with and leave it to dry naturally.