Hair color is a very important detail as far as physical appearance goes, and since we’re not always born with the perfect shade, hair dyes have been developed to help you change the color of your locks as often as desired. Hair dyes are the best thing invented up to now as far as beauty products go, but keep in mind that improper use of a chemical can leave a negative print on your hair. To ensure you look amazing, make sure you’ve got all the tips for a perfect looking hair color pinned down. To make things easier, we have selected a few tips and tricks you can turn towards for help whenever you’re looking for a hair color transformation.

There are a myriad of hair coloring products and shades out there to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they are all right for you. An improperly done hair coloring procedure can turn into your worst nightmare leaving your hair damaged or at best dyed awfully.

Determine what type of dye you need There are various types of dyes out there which can deliver different results, so it is essential to make the right choice. Opt for a temporary hair dye if you want the hair color to last only until you wash your hair, a semi-permanent hair color if you want the color to fade after 6 to 8 washes, a demi-permanent hair color that will last for about 20 to 28 washes or a permanent hair color if you want the color to penetrate the hairs’ cuticle and color the hair permanently. Permanent hair dyes will strip the hair off its natural protective coat which will never regenerate, so choose carefully.

Choose the right color Choosing the right color for your skin tone is a must if you whish to enhance your natural beauty, this is why it is best to turn towards the help of a professional which can give you alternatives, to ensure you choose right. Just because you like a color doesn’t mean it will actually suit you, so make an appointment with a hair colorist before making a decision.

First time dyeing If you’re preparing to dye your locks for the first time with a drugstore dye, make sure you read the instructions and perform an allergy test prior to application to avoid unpleasant situations. Apply the coloring emulsion on unwashed hair (unless stated otherwise) on individual hair strands starting from the front of the head and working your way back. Apply the dye using a dying brush and then comb your locks to distribute the dye evenly on the entire hair from root to ends. Make sure to apply the dye first on the roots and then continue the application towards the ends of the hair as the ends are more porous and permit an accelerated hair coloration, which could leave you with darker colored ends, something you don’t want.

Root touch-up If you already have dyed your hair and only need a touch-up, apply the dye on the roots and let it work for about 20 minutes (or less if stated so on the instructions of use). Then apply the rest of the color on the entire hair and comb for a uniform color distribution. Allow the dye to work for another 10 minutes before you proceed to washing and hydrating your locks.

Switching hair color If you’ve already had your hair dyed and want to switch-up to another hue, it’s best to turn towards the help of a professional to avoid ending up with a two or multiple tone color that won’t look good. Dying your hair differently might require bleaching or mixing different tones which requires a professional touch, so turn towards the help of a professional hair colorist as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Dry hair/gray hair coloring Gray hair changes its texture and becomes more porous, the same texture as dry hair. If you have fine, dry or gray hair you might want to reduce the dying time as the color is more rapidly absorbed by this type of hair, so you might end-up with a darker hue than you wanted. Take a test and dye one hair strand that isn’t too visible to determine for how long to maintain the dye on to obtain the desired hue. Allow the dye to work for 30 minutes, then remove some of the dye and check the hue. If it’s not what you desire, reapply the dye and check ever 2 minutes for changes. Don’t exceed the time limit written on the dye if you want to keep your hair away from damage.

Protect the hair color Once you’ve colored your hair, make sure you protect the color as the pigments might fade away if you care for your locks improperly, leaving you with a dull hair color. Use hair care products destined for colored hair, apply moisturizing hair treatments every week, turn towards the help of hair color protection vials which help maintain your color rich and prevent it from fading. Also, when exposing your hair to the sun, spritz a sun protection hair spray on your locks to prevent hair discoloration.

Tips For a Perfect Looking Hair Color

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