Hair color helps transmit certain things about a persons personality and lifestyle, this is why it is important to choose right and pay as much attention to your tresses as possible. The hair coloring industry has evolved greatly, new techniques and improved hair coloring products have been developed just so people can benefit from the best hair color for them.

The urge to look better, sexier, younger leads to the constant transformation of the hair color but if the technique used to color the hair is not performed properly, the result can be disastrous, as hair damage can be caused, hair damage which can lead to dull, lifeless hair and even hair loss. Because hair coloring at a professional salon can be quite expensive, most women choose to color their tresses themselves, in the comfort of their own home, but, in order to achieve the desired result without causing any hair damage it is best to take the following tips for a perfect home hair coloring:

Choose the type of hair coloring kit you think suits you best. There are a variety of hair coloring kits available to choose from, which are meant to give temporary, semi-permanent or permanent results. If you are a novice when it comes to hair coloring try to use a semi-permanent hair color first so you can get used to the methods of application and to ensure that if any mistakes when it comes to color choice can be corrected as this type of hair dyes fade away in time.

Make sure the desired hair color shade suits your complexion and current hair color as not all hair color shades will be effective on your hair. Darker hair usually requires bleaching before a light hair color is applied as the hairs dark coloration will not allow the lighter color to show.

Pay attention to the application time as the final result of the hair coloring is highly influenced by the amount of time the hair color is maintained on the hair. Usually the longer the dye is allowed to remain on the hair the darker the result will be.

The new hair dyes developed today are much gentler on the tresses as they were in the past but that doesn’t mean that they cannot cause any hair damage. Not respecting the instructions given by the manufacturer can lead to a negative effect so read carefully the use guide before applying the dye. Most manufacturers advise you to take an allergy test before coloring your hair as certain people can develop severe allergies to certain ingredients used in the manufacturing of these products.

Do not use a hair dye if you have colored your tresses before using henna and your hair hasn’t completely regrown. This is due to the fact that henna contains metallic salts which can remain in the hair strand and these can react with the ingredients found in the hair dyes, generating a high amount of heat which will affect your hair.

Respect the coloration time written on the instructions to avoid obtaining an undesired effect. Set the alarm clock after you have finished applying the hair dye on your hair so you will know exactly when it is time to wash the dye out.

If the hair color didn’t turn out as you planned try not to color your hair again at least for a month to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Use special hair care products destined for colored hair so you can help maintain the color of your tresses for longer as the longer the hair color remains vivid the less often you will have to recolor your hair.