Finding the best hair color to meet your demands and flatter you is a real challenge. There are various things you need to take into consideration, such as your skin complexion, your natural hair color, but also your personality or lifestyle. It’s an important process that you should take really seriously as a wrong decision not only ruins your aspect, but also your hair.

Choosing the perfect hair color is also a matter of good sense. It is more than obvious that there’s no point in going for honey blonde if you are dark brown as you might just lose some money and cause damage to your hair. On the other hand, if you have lighter hair color, pay a lot of attention when choosing a darker color. It is essential for you to know exactly the natural color of your hair. Analyze it at the roots as on its length and ends the color is lighter due to sun exposure or natural oxidants.

It is already a general truth that a woman with brown hair wants to be blonde and vice-versa. We always want something that we don’t have. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the color is flattering for them. When intending to make a major change, your first clue should be the natural color of your hair. Therefore, if you are brunette, you are perfectly right to change the color as a too dark black roughens your features. If you don’t want a too drastic relooking, a dark brown with violet shades is the best choice, while for a new look, go for chocolate, mahogany, or chestnut. These colors work great for brunettes with olive skin. However, avoid copper or red as they don’t flatter your skin complexion.

Women with brown hair can consider themselves more than lucky as their natural color allows them to play with different hair colors as long as the skin complexion permits them to. Well, the best thing to do is never go to extremes if you want to avoid having to dye your hair too often. However, it is great that you can use a semi-permanent hair dye to get the result you want. Coffee-colored, chocolate or honey are the best choices for a brown hair offering a shiny look. You can also go for highlights with a few tones lighter than your hair color.

Blonde is a very tricky color as it imposes many restrictions due to the fact that blonde is sometimes synonymous with bleaching. Therefore, it is important to see a stylist who can advise you so you don’t have to uselessly resort to bleaching. The best choice you can make is to go for highlights. Choose both lighter and darker than your natural hair color as they will perfectly enhance the texture of the hair. If you are light blonde and have pale skin, choose ashy or platinum blonde shades, while if you are dark blonde and have skin with pink hues, go for warmer shades of light brown or copper.

Women having red hair are usually unsatisfied with the natural color as they find it rather pretentious. Despite the fact that combined with a special skin complexion it might look rather difficult to find the right hair color, the reality is that with a few tips you can make the right choice. If you are naturally redhead you can choose brown or highlights that beautifully make red milder. Caramel or honey are for you, while platinum blonde or brunette should be avoided. Golden, brown or red highlights are the ideal choice.

Another important thing you should consider when choosing the perfect hair color is your skin complexion. One essential tip is that the lighter the skin color, the more you must avoid a darker hair color. It is absolutely obvious that a really dark hair and a pale skin would have as result a Gothic look, while blonde doesn’t suit very well a darker skin. What you should do is to find a hair color that matches your skin complexion obtaining a natural result and not a too striking contrast. Besides, avoid choosing a color that is similar to that of your skin. In order to obtain a natural and harmonious look, the ideal solution is to go for a color that creates a gentle contrast with the skin.

The color of your eyes is another thing to take into consideration when intending to dye your hair. Red works great if you have green or blue eyes. Blue eyes are enhanced by darker colors, but make sure your skin is not too pale. On the contrary, they are not emphasized by blonde. Green eyes and fair skin are flattered by hair color shades in red, cool browns, black and blonde. However, for green eyes and olive skin, colors with warmer undertones of caramel and bronze in a darker shade than your skin are the best choice. A hair color with warm tones like red, gold and auburn shades will bring out hazel eyes, but also green or brown eyes.