Are you wondering what are the best steps to follow in order to get an amazing hair color without having to pay your hairstylist a visit? If so, check out these tips on how to dye your hair at home!

Hair Dyeing Tips: Prepping Your Hair

Prepping your hair ahead is probably one of the best hair dyeing tips. You should wash your hair 24 hours prior to dyeing it, to allow natural oils from your hair to develop. This way your hair will be have a bit of protection against the harsh chemicals from the dye. Plus, the color will last longer on your tresses.

And here’s another tip on how to dye hair at home: avoid applying conditioner prior to hair coloring as it normally removes natural oils from your hair, which are essential in defining your new hair color shade, and prevents the dye from fully penetrating the hair.

Home Hair Color: Choose your Favorite Shade

Hair Shade Palette

Another great tip in achieving the best home hair color is choosing your favorite shade. It should be a shade you’re very comfortable with. For example, if this is the first time you’re dyeing your hair at home, you should buy a color that’s a few shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. And if you’re afraid of going for a permanent dye, pick a semi-permanent ammonia free one. That way, if you’re not satisfied with your home hair color, you won’t have to live with it that long. Also, be sure not to go too far from your natural hair color as there are some hair shades that are difficult to obtain at home without professional training. Going from black to blonde will be impossible with just a simple hair color, so if you’re not going for a shade that’s easy to achieve, it’s best to turn to a professional.

How to Dye Hair at Home: Put a Towel Around Your Shoulders

Here’s how to dye your hair at home without staining your skin! Put a dark-colored towel around your shoulders and secure it with a plastic clip in front of your neck. By doing so, you’ll avoid staining your neck and you can also use it to dry your hair after rinsing it to avoid staining another towel. Also, apply a bit of conditioner or Vaseline on your forehead, close to the hairline and on your ears to prevent skin stains.

Great Hair Dyeing Tip: Mix Dye with Developer

Hair Dye Preparation

Your should mix the dye with the developer that you’ll find in your color dye kit. However, if you want to dye your beautiful locks two shades lighter, check this great hair dyeing tip: mix the dye color with a 20 strength level developer. Instead, if you want to go for a darker shade than your natural hair color, use a 10 strength level developer. Always mix the cream color and the developer in a glass or plastic container and never use metal!

Best Hair Dyeing Tips: Perform a Strand Test

One of the best hair dyeing tips is performing a strand test before actually dyeing your tresses. This is a safe way to know exactly if you like that particular shade, for how long the dye needs to stay on for you to get the desired hair color and to make sure you’re not allergic to the dye.

So, apply a bit of dye hair color on a strand using a special brush, and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes, the regular process time indicated on your dyeing kit. Then rinse with warm water and dry with a towel, dry and check the result. Wait 24h before applying the dye on the entire hair if you’re satisfied with the result and no allergy signs appeared.

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