When spontaneity is the main reason for deciding to color our hair we can have all kinds of surprises in the end. While coloring our hair is a great way to perk up your style, in order to get the best results you should make sure that you have all the necessary information before making the change. Going blonde can be a tricky decision so make sure you are prepared to take the step to be able to look gorgeous and to be happy with your choice for months to come.

Blonde shades are extremely interesting and seductive, being one of the top options women consider when thy think about making a hair color change. However, blonde shades tend to be rather tricky to pull off especially if the contrast between your natural hair color and the blonde shade you choose is a radical one. One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not you would look good with a blonde shade is to see if you had blonde tones as a child. If you did, you will most likely look good with blonde hair. In this case choosing a shade that is close to the one you had as a child is a safe bet.

Aside from choosing the right hair shade for our skin tone, which is an essential requirement no matter what color you choose it's also important to think in terms of maintenance and cost.
Blond shades are not exactly low maintenance so if you want to go blonde you have to be ready to spend money to get regular touch-up every month.It's also important to be honest with your hairdresser about the chemical treatments you subjected your hair to because it is the only to make the best decision when it comes the type of hair dye that should be used and to increase the chances of getting the tresses you want. Making the decision to go blonde without a prior consultation with a hairstylist can be quite risky for your tresses both in terms of aesthetics as well as hair health.

Bleaching your hair is generally a challenging process for your tresses that can turn out really bad if you don't take proper care of your locks.

Before you undergo the coloring process you should make sure that your hair is as healthy as possible by investing in a series of good shampoos and conditioners as the higher levels of ammonia used for blonde shades will most likely have a devastating effect over your tresses. A sulfate free shampoo is generally a good choice as it will gentler on your tresses compared to other types of shampoo.

Because blonde hair color is generally a very tricky one it is generally recommended to turn to a professional hairstylists to ensure the best results. However, if you still decide you want to take the matter in your own hands you should make sure that you take a few things into account.

It is recommended to start the coloring process from the back of the hair where your natural color tends to be darker and then to move up to the front strands. It is also essential to make sure that you leave the color on your hair precisely the amount of time that is recommended on the box as you risk permanent hair damage otherwise.

It's also important to realize that you will have to change more than your hair color if you want to feel and look good with your newly colored tresses. Your makeup routine and maybe even your wardrobe will have to change accordingly. You should start paying attention as to what type of makeup blonde women tend to use to highlight their features and to find your own style by experimenting with different shades. You might also find that some of the choices you made for your clothes are not flattering anymore in terms of color so you might have the perfect excuse to go shopping after you color your tresses.

After coloring your hair you should do your best to make sure that the color of your locks remains the same. Protecting your hair from brassiness with the right products is a good start but changing your water filters can be equally beneficial. Often, iron and calcium deposits found in your water supply can alter the color of your hair so installing a water filter is one of the simplest prevention measures you can take to preserve the beauty of your blonde hairstyle.