We did it all – improved our hair care routine, special hair treatments, regular visits to our stylist, but at the end of day, it’s just you and your hair.

A proper hair care routine concerning your hair will ensure you that not only it will look good, but you it will be easier to manage every day. So what can we in order to have a healthy, good-looking hair?

Good health and adequate diet – this is the key to a beautiful, healthy hair. Internal nutrition comes first every time we talk about beauty and health.

So, make sure your diet contains meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans, to keep anemia away – anemia is the major cause in hair loss.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are mandatory.

Cleanliness and conditioning are other major issues in the proper hair care routine.

Make a habit and regularly trim your hair ends once in a while, to get rid of dry, split ends and refresh your style.

Cosmetic treatments can really damage your hair’s health.

Your scalp can be easily affected by applied perm, bleaching and the abuse of hair styling appliances.

Dyeing can be tricky as, occasionally, one’s scalp becomes inflamed and swollen as a reaction to it.

So before using it, test it on a small area on the arm. If a patch of inflammation has developed, the dye must not be used on the hair.